rear view mirror

  1. F

    ISO Part Number Rearview Mirror

    My rear view mirror shakes tremendously. I’ve narrowed it down to these little metal pieces not being secured down tightly due to stripped screws. I believe this windshield was replaced before I got it and they over-torqued and stripped the screws and holes on the mounting bracket. Does anyone...

    Wanted  Early Rear View Mirror

    58-63 Early Mirror needed. Anyone? But if you have the frame only, I can have the mirror cut.
  3. upperblack

    Wanted  64 fj40 rear view mirror

    Please let me know if you have one. Looks like this one. Later years won't work. Thanks
  4. 1973Guppie

    Rear View Mirror Adhesive

    For the life of me I can't figure out how to keep this damn thing on the windshield. I did the gentex mirror conversion on my cruiser. First used the crappy parts store stuff, did not work. Read on here about the jb weld stuff, tried that, well that worked for about 2 months and today I came out...
  5. fj40taz

    For Sale  rear view mirror

    I have a rear view mirror for your fj40.. this shoudl fit 66-77 year fj40's asking $30 shipped for it........
  6. O

    Wanted  100 Series Rear View Mirror Gray

    Replaced windshield, come to find out the gorillas at Safelite who previously replaced glass threw away all clips, glued RX 300 mirror in its place. Now have proper glass, and no rear view mirror. Need gray color. Any help appreciated.
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