rear sliding window

  1. Scubadoc

    Sliding rear window help

    Cross posted in diesel forum, but really a general question: I am replacing the rubber on my sliding rear windows on my BJ42 LX. I cant seem to get the glass out! I can imagine getting it back in with new rubber! Any install tricks?
  2. M

    Replacing rear sliding window

    Hi, Someone broke into my car last week by breaking the rearmost glass panel of the rear right sliding window. I purchased the equivalent glass panel from Spector Off-Road with the understanding that I can just swap the broken glass with the new glass panel. However I took it to get fitted...
  3. ariff

    Fixing rear sliding window leak video

    Thought I'd post a quick video of one way you can fix your leaking rear windows.. Hopefully this can help others..
  4. PIPA

    Rust on the floor pan, behind rear heater, and rear sliding window of my '93, what to do?

    Hey Ih8mudders, Well my goal of line-x, dynaliner, and new carpet has hit a road block as I have discovered rust in three areas so far in my newly-acquired ride. As I was removing the sound deadner on top of the drivers-side floor pan I notice that there was some rust (which I had hoped would...
  5. OhmStyles

    broken rear passanger sliding window questions

    So i broke my rear passenger side sliding window yesterday snow wheeling here in Colorado. I was going around a corner and the rutted snow threw me into a tree branch and bam broken window and metal damage. Few questions on replacement. First, How bad does the body damaged look to just grab some...
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