rear sill

  1. H

    Wanted  Looking for Awl_TEQ

    Hi all. I’m working on a 73 FJ40 and noticed the excellent work of a fellow Canadian. How do I get hold of Awl_TEQ to buy mounts and a sill? Thanks!
  2. gator25

    2/75 rebuild

    It all started when I began working on my uncle's FJ60, it was my deceased uncles truck and left to him. I rebuilt all the suspension, front and rear diffs, TC ect. I'd never worked on a LC before (I've always been a made in America kinda guy). From the start I was impressed by the beefiness of...
  3. gator25

    Width between corner channels 1975 40

    I'll be replacing rear sill and corner channels, and need a few measurements please. I found where some one had said 41 1/16" another 41 3/8", I'd like to have the distance of both inside edges. As in pics. 1) where the quarter wraps around 2) the major opening The corners are in pretty bad...
  4. D

    Rear sill help

    So I'm attempting to cut out the rear sill since theres a bunch of rust under it. Does anyone have a good video showing how? I did look on YouTube but I just keep finding before and after picture videos. It's a 78fj40
  5. bwalker16527

    Rear sill and quarter panel patch cost estimate?

    What should I expect to pay for a rear sill and quarter panel patch job at a body shop? I have a clean 1974 FJ40 that needs the rear sill and quarter panel patch job done. Any info will be appreciated. Thanks.
  6. F

    Wanted  FJ40 rear tub or body

    Im in the process of rebuilding 3 fj40's a 74, 75 & 76. I'm in need of a complete rear tub or may me interested in a whole tub. I'm in Florida willing to travel but not to far. Thanks!
  7. corleykj

    Wanted  Old rusty 75-78 rear sill and wings!

    Anyone remove their rear sill and wings and willing to ship them to Wyoming? I am wanting to make a new rear sill for my 1978 40 series. I have made one before but it was not a 78, it was for a 1962 and I had to park it for a week or two while making it. I am trying to keep my 40 on the road...
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