proportioning valve

  1. MAD MARK 80

    Proportioning Valve leak. What option do I have?

    Hello all, I just found that my 80's Proportioning Valve is leaking. I kind of noticed my brake fluid got low 1/4 inch in this 3 month, I decide to look for potential problem or leak on brake line. What I found is the rubber seal is full of brake fluid inside. Do I have any other option other...
  2. C

    Brake Proportioning Valve

    So as I am finishing up my knuckle rebuild, I put on new brakes. Noticed that my master cylinder was leaking. So i took it off to rebuild it, my question is do I need to do anything the the brake proportioning valve? I bought a rebuild kit for the master, is there anything needed for this...
  3. S

    For Sale  FJ40 Brake Proportioning Valve

    This was taken off a running and driving truck sold I know it functions correctly. I have seen these listed for quite a bit of money and really unsure of what it is worth. I'll ask $200 obo to start with as I have seen used ones advertised for $264.00. No sensible offer refused. Thanks
  4. jralph125

    Stock Brake Proportioning Valve Adjustment?

    Hey Guys, I have read through a bunch of threads on this topic but can't seem to find the simple answer. I have a 79 FJ40 with front discs and drum rear, recently I have been noticing when I have to lay into the brakes the rear drums lock up pretty easily. I know there is a stock proportioning...
  5. F

    Question about rear brake pressure on 80

    The brakes on my 80 have always been lacking in stopping power and I wondered if maybe the proportioning valve was to blame. I am in the middle of replacing the rear axle seals on my 80 and also replacing the rear brake pads which requires the caliper cylinder to be pressed back in (i'm using a...
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