1. TheBog

    2006 LX470 Clear Master Keys?

    Hi! I'm new to the forum, I think I'm supposed to get some kind of welcome:flipoff2::flipoff2::flipoff2:? I just picked up an '06 LX470. It's not super clean but the price was right. It's quite the upgrade from my 07 Corolla! Of course, I only got one key from the stealer dealer, so I got...
  2. DuckLN

    2006 fsm pages for key programming needed

    Trying tirelessly to avoid trip to stealer. Yes ive searched and read many many threads on this issue. I have been able to program the lock, unlock function to my two new oem master keys. I have not been able to program the computer (immobilizer) to accept the new keys. I have tried...
  3. B

    Had new key made

    When I purchased my land cruiser it only came with 1 master key so I wanted to get a new one but didn't want to pay a ton of money for the dealership to get one or risk loosing it and having to replace the ECU. So of course I started reading on ih8mud about programming the key yourself. I found...
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