1. lelandEOD

    Rusty NOS piston rings?

    So I ordered a set of NOS piston rings from a vendor and what I got definitely puts the "OS" in NOS. It looks like these got damp in storage at some point and all six have varying degrees of rust on the compression and oil scraper rings. At first, I was livid - why on earth would a well...
  2. hj 60

    Hj61 engine damage: conrod trough block

    EDIT 20-03-2017 - 20:55 PM me if you want the sellers telephone and mail, must go to 3000 euro... : not my add, never seen this damage, I think if you want info mail to or call. I have asked seller for email address and sending options. Seems to be located in the Netherlands, Brunssum: Google...
  3. Wes

    Early/Late 2B Piston Differences

    I noticed that there are two different part numbers for the pistons of a 2B depending on the year manufactured. I had always assumed they would be the same. The part number for 02/79-07/80 is 13101-57011. The part number for 08/80-10/82 is 13101-57020. I would also like to note that the...
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