nissan patrol

  1. sea bass

    nissan patrol

    I saw this nice looking Patrol for sale I thought I'd share it I think he was asking 24000$
  2. D

    For Sale 1978 Nissan Patrol LG60

    This is one of the most unique 4 x 4´s in the USA. Very rare, and proven tough, the Patrol was Nissan´s entry in the early battle for 4 x 4 supremacy over 50 years ago. The 60 series Patrol (1959 – 1980) earned its reputation as one of the world´s toughest 4 x 4´s by conquering the harshest...
  3. fj40alex

    Got a used FJ40 spare tire carrier...and the 1966 Nissan Patrol that it came on

    Picked up this Craigslist special today. Pretty complete truck, but has not been started in over a decade. PO was midway through the install of a generic wiring harness (first to go). Fuel tank likely shot, but otherwise it should fire up with some TLC. Clutch and brake cylinders are both...
  4. Dedtruk

    craigslist '67 Nissan Patrol in PA, USA

    No affiliation, just think it's cool. Enjoy. 1967 nissan patrol classic barnfine
  5. Z

    For Sale 1991 Custom Gran Safari Patrol Diesel 4x4

    Call bradly for more information 208-412-4346 -- Solid front axel coil spring suspension - Gran Safari "HighTop Edition" - 4 door/ seats 7 - Tinted windows - New heavy duty bumpers -- 4.2 liter diesel 6 cylinder -- Gear driven motor so no timing belt or chain to worry about -- 60,000 Original...
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