1. Shickalee

    FJ60 with front mounted round marker lights and vertical bar grille?

    The article states this FJ60 with round front mounted marker lights and vertical bar grille is oem...has anyone ever seen this setup before? Is it available anywhere? An extremely beautiful J60 Toyota Land Cruiser, seen on the Car Meeting of Beijing tuning show on the Golden Port race track...
  2. Catfish28

    Wanted Front marker light signal part

    need a part for my front left turn signal. Pic of the broken one attached. The little "ear" that the rest of the internals/sockets attached to is broken off and mia. Assume the connection is needed to get ground to the light. Could do some rigging I suppose to get the ground but wanna do it...
  3. hobbes

    Side marker light gasket for 1974 FJ40

    Anyone got a line on the left side marker light gasket for a 1974 FJ40? Part number 81744-60030. The right side (81734-60030) was easy to find. Right side installed below. Thanks...
  4. Catfish28

    Wanted Rear side marker wiring

    Looking for small wire like the attached for my 78. Really only need the connector on the harness side and I can make one. Thanks.
  5. Guambomb

    Marker Lights

    I'm in the process of having my 45 rebuilt and thinking about adding marker lights to the bed and maybe one or two near the front. The bed has 4 equally spaced holes that would be perfect for adding some marker lights. If I do it, I'm also thinking about adding one or two near the 'Land...
  6. Catfish28

    Wanted portion of rear harness to side marker on 78

    looking for the wire that plugs into the rear harness and goes to the side marker. The one with the 2 wire white connector on one end and the green 2 wire connector on the other. Believe they were on the 78 plus FJ40's. Thanks.
  7. Varty Yo

    Why do i not have marker lights?

    Im really wondering why i dont have rear marker lights??? Clearly a 82 would have them from the factory. The 42 was rebuilt 10-12 years ago with new side panels, but every aftermarket side panels i see have the holes for marker lights cut out already. I cant seem to find early enough panels that...
  8. HardyDanger

    15 min x $15 ARB marker light upgrade

    so picked up a used Arb bull bar on Craigslist. Popped the makers off and they contacts were halfway corroded. I surprise here. ------ This is a simple way to reuse the ARB orange lens and plastic light housing. Took less that 15 mins to complete mod. (Spent more time posting this). Found...
  9. zgarre

    For Sale OEM FJ60 / FJ62 Lamp Assembly/Side Marker - Rear (Red)

    Includes new OEM bulbs already installed. Cosmetically in very good shape. Pics to follow. $25 + sh for the pair.
  10. PcCruiser

    Side Marker Light Doesn't work

    My driver side side marker light won't work. Both were out and I upgraded everything to LED up front. I replaced the bulbs with LEDs on both sides. Works great on the passenger side but the driver side won't turn on and I know the new LED bulb is good. Any thoughts? It seems like something...
  11. bryson

    Wanted LX450 front corner marker lenses

    Looking to pick up a pair of clean OEM LX450 corner marker lights - the ones next to the headlights. They are clear with a small amber reflector, NOT all amber like the 'Cruiser versions. Shipped to West Jordan, UT 84081 Thanks! Bryson 801-949-5326
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