1. Ali M

    トヨダ (To Yo Ta) not (TEQ) Logo on emblem

    Most of you have known about this but not me so apologies if this is redundant but I find it a fascinating piece of automotive history. Now I can appreciate the history behind it instead of pretending to know or pronounce it as TEQ which is not the case. Credit: Toyota Logo History and Meaning
  2. pkniland

    ONSC Logo

    If its allowed, would someone be willing to share the ONSC logo with me at pkniland @ gmail
  3. 78fj40mg

    Wanted Con-Ferr Aluminum logo

    I'm restoring a Con-Ferr roof rack for my 40 and the rack is missing the logo plate as shown in this pic bellow, does anyone have one of these laying around? If so I'd like to buy it from you. Please PM if you have one for sale. TIA Mike
  4. Strand4x4

    Mile 4x4 T-Shirts Now Available

    Our Mile 4x4 Shirts are now available. I'm offering a 20% discount through the end of the year for IH8MUD.com members. So the shirts are $19.99 and Free Shipping instead of $24.99. They are a very soft cotton and they have printed rather than sewn tags. Much more comfortable for driving. More...
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