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  1. MRT Motorsports

    WARN WL Series LED Light Bar BLOWOUT Sale - Discontinued means cheap! USA Made

    Hey all, WARN is discontinuing their WL Series LED Light Bar Line. These light bars are Made in the USA by Rigid Industries for WARN. These are very similar to the original Rigid E series with a heavy duty WARN bezel. WARN offered a blow out price on them so I scooped up what I could. Price...
  2. M

    Recommendation for LED Light Bar in 2017

    Hi guys, I'm thinking about buying a 30-inch light bar to mount on my JK's hood, and wanted to get everyone's opinion on some options: 1. Rigid Adapt: Looks pretty cool and I like that they can change the beam pattern instantly. Looks kind of expensive though. 2. Rigid RDS: Curved bar should...
  3. MRT Motorsports

    FREE Rigid Industries RI-800 Flashlights - RIGID INDUSTRIES SUMMER SALE

    Summer is our favorite time of year. Long days turn into long nights on the trails, and race season is in full swing. Keep the adventure going long into the night with Rigid Industries LED Lighting from Moore Racing Tech. This month of June, we have teamed up with Rigid to offer a special deal...
  4. TheRareElement

    The proper Cable Gland for routing a LED Bar cable through roof

    Hey guys, Just purchased a led light bar and plan to install it under my ARB roof rack, in the space between the roof rack & roof. Instead of having it's cable routed through the gutter and then through to the inside, I am willing (reluctantly :nailbiting:) to drill in the roof, right above the...
  5. 4RunnerFred

    How loud is an LED Bar?

    hey folks, who has an LED light bar, whether flat or curved, and how loud is it, wind-wise when driving near or greater than highway speeds??? Thanks!!!
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