knuckle bearings

  1. NexusD

    Knuckle bearing help!

    Hello fellow mudders, I’m in a bind! For the past day in a half I’ve been trying to install my knuckle bearing racers. I have a 97 fzj80 that I’m doing a birfield rebuild on, the only thing holding the project up is the damn racers. I’ve tried the freezer trick, they’ve been in the freezer...
  2. bryanb

    SPC/Slee 3* Knuckle Bearings - How will they affect pinion angle/driveline vibes?

    I'm trying to get caster back to "normal" for my '97 Landcruiser with 4" front lift, 5" rear lift (J springs and spacers) while avoiding driveline vibrations... aren't we all (at one time or another). I haven't yet installed any caster correction devices, it's just all stock with a lift...
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