1. 2000lx470norcal

    Wanted  Looking to buy JAOS BB3R Stainless Steel bull/brush guard for lx470

    Please contact me through thread or email about selling me one. Contact email; ryandharrington1@gmail.com
  2. dsw1020

    For Sale  100 Series JAOS Bull Bar

    For Sale: JAOS Full Bull Bar/Grille Guard New cruiser I picked up had it installed and I am going a different direction. The condition is like new as the vehicle was a CA garage queen for its entire life and was regularly detailed to maintain luster. Made of T-304 Stainless, its a a solid...
  3. Reckless

    For Sale  JAOS Chrome Bull Bar 3R - Chicago

    JAOS BB3R chrome/ss front bull bar/grill guard. Mounting accessories included. Was on a 2004 Lexus lx470. $600 Chicago odels, too.
  4. FDNewbie

    For Sale  DISCONTINUED FZJ80 JAOS Skid Plate + Rear Bumper Step

    ALL SOLD! ALL SOLD! ALL SOLD! So I have a few left over parts after selling my FZJ80. I've already listed my JAOS Front brush guard here: For Sale - JAOS Front Bull Bar/Brush Guard + 10" PIAA SUPER4X4 Fogs!!! WAAG Tailight and Rear Bumper Guards! But I also found BRAND NEW IN BOX: 1) JAOS...
  5. FDNewbie

    For Sale  JAOS Front Bull Bar/Brush Guard + 10" PIAA SUPER4X4 Fogs!!! WAAG Tailight and Rear Bumper Guards!

    ALL SOLD! ALL SOLD! ALL SOLD! Up for sale are the exterior armor pieces of my '97 80, which I've now since sold: - JAOS Brush Guard (Stainless Steel; slight damage) + SUPER RARE 10" PIAA SUPER4X4 Dual Beam Fog Lights. Super bright (see pic!) 110w H, 100w L + PIAA PHR-1 Wiring Harness. WILL...
  6. jbma327

    For Sale  SoCal: RARE! FJ80 JAOS bull bar Mint!

    Hey guys, I have a hard to find discontinued JAOS bull bar brush guard for an 80 series. It is currently installed on my 97' land cruiser. The bull bar is in perfect condition, no rust (stainless steel) or damage. Could use a little cleaning. FOG LIGHTS ARE NOT INCLUDED! Located: South El...
  7. Texas Sun Power

    Wanted  ONE 16x8 JAOS Victron Ziga Wheel 5x150

    Shot in the dark here, but I have a mismatched wheel and I'd like to keep these. Option: I'll sell these three or trade for four others. Like the ones pictured here.
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