1. V

    SOLD Hutchinson WA-0567 Wheels and Toyo M/T 285/75-R17 Tires

    Well, as much as I hate to do this, I am putting my Hutchinson WA-0567 dual beadlock wheels up for sale. I have five complete wheels with Toyo Open Country M/T 285/75-R17 tires and one extra outer beadlock rim for sale. These work on 60 series LC's, 80 series LC's, 4Runners, Tacomas, and first...
  2. M

    For Sale Hutchinson Beadlocks Rims (4)

    *Located in Davidson, NC* For sale: 17in Hutchinson Beadlock Rims with run flat inserts Sticking with rock warrior rims. Need to sell to pay for new tough dog suspension. Wheels are in great shape. Happy to meet buyer at install in case they don't work out and can provide a full refund...
  3. slo60

    Hutchinson Rock Monsters and stripped bolt

    I picked up a set of Rock Monster wheels and new Wrangler MT/r's the other day. Got around to mounting the tires tonight and had one of the nuts strip when bringing the torque up to 100 ft lbs. I hand threaded all the nuts and tightened with a ratchet wrench (did not use an impact gun) before...
  4. joekatana

    For Sale Hutchinson beadlock wheels with 40" Toyo MT tires

    TIRES AND WHEELS ARE SOLD I am selling my Hutchinson D.O.T. legal beadlock wheels and 40" Toyo MT tires.I have 5 wheels and 4 tires. I bought the wheels of another Mud member last year that was running these under his 80 series.I was thinking about putting a soa on my HZJ73 and run these with...
  5. 2

    Anyone running Hutchinson Rock Monster wheels?

    Are any of you Atlanta-ish guys running Hutchinson beadlocks? I'd like to buy them, but Hutchinson has less than helpful and I have concerns that they won't clear the front brakes on a '16 200. If anyone has those wheels and is willing to let me try to fit one of their wheels to the front of...
  6. firefight

    Wanted Hutchinson Wheels 6x5.5

    Just missed out on robustbambi wheels he had for sale on here. Looking for a set of Hutchinson Rock Monster wheels for the 80 series, 6x5.5. I have a photo of his wheels he just sold. Looking for the same ones. Thanks, Sheldon
  7. V

    For Sale Hutchinson 17" Beadlocks for UZJ100 / URJ200 / Tundra

    I have been sitting on eight Hutchinson WA-0550 beadlock wheels...I originally was going to put them on my two LX's, but I think I am going to keep one LX more street oriented and just use four on the other one. So I am entertaining the idea of selling one set of four. These are all new wheels...
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