1. HDJdreams

    19 spline pattern on 80-89 split case vs HF2A

    Is the 19 spline “pattern” (pitch and diameter) on the 80-89 “split” case the same as 19 spline pattern on the 80’s HF2A? (Obviously the length is different) (I am trying to find a source for a spud shaft)
  2. Bjorn Ogderlund

    For Sale For sale: A440 and HF2A from 92 FJ80

    The old girl got an extra pedal and I've got the old A440 and HF2A from 92 FJ80 for sale. 220K when removed in May. Not many miles since, unless you count scurrying around the shop floor. They both ran nicely together with the 3FE until the 5spd swap was done. It'd be a shame to toss such a nice...
  3. krs2fur

    CDL stuck - HELP!!!!

    Last weekend, I grenaded my T/C (91 FJ80). I got a good take out from a local guy that parts out FJ80's, but he kept the CDL motor, so I swapped mine over. Because I knew it was in a locked state when I pulled the old one out, I rolled the gear on the replacement T/C into the locked position...
  4. DZ302

    eBay Marks4WD 4L60e to Landcruiser HF2A adaptor

    I am selling my NIB Marks4WD adaptor. It has been sitting in my garage now for a couple years and I have decided to go a different route. It is currently listed on eBay for bid or buy it now for $900.
  5. jkdowty

    The Catamaran is getting a new Boat anchor (5.3L Vortec)

    So, i named my '91 FJ80 "The Catamaran" a few years back driving to work in the worst of an East Kansas' late March snow storms (ended up snowing 22" in about 3 hours) the wind was blowing me from what i thought was white line to white line but i made it all the way in, the only person that...
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