1. bellaire35

    Hazard switch wiring help

    Not sure if this is a lost cause but I am attempting to replace my current toggle switch for the hazard lights with a OEM Toyota pull switch. Where do I begin?? The PO installed the toggle switch and I have not a clue to where to begin. Maybe someone out there can give me a starting point.
  2. jvincig01

    For Sale Early OEM Flasher and Bracket - Calif

    Pulled this off my '67 Fj40. Not sure what other years it fits. OEM part number 81980-20050 Asking $40 + the ride. PM me if interested. Thanks, Josh
  3. bubfuji

    For Sale Center Diff Lock Switch CDL 95-97 FZJ80/LX450

    I have 4 CDL switches left. I thought I had takers already....so they are available. These are reworked hazard switches. That came out really nice. Cleaned, Tested on my FZJ80, New back-light bulb. Plug and play. Asking $35.00 each includes the cost of shipping. Please PM if interested. Photo...
  4. 7

    71 fj40 hazards and signals: why mine didn't work

    Hello, I am new here. First post. Signals and hazard lights on my 1971 fj40 stopped working both at the same time. Turned out to be 2 seperate problems simultaneously. Figured I would post this up just in case it could help somebody else out and save some time. My wiring appears to be stock...
  5. bryanb

    Which dash switches light up?

    Neither my hazard nor antenna switches light up when I turn on the headlights in my '97 fzj80. Should they? If so, what's the fix? Thanks!
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