hazard switch

  1. E

    Painless Wiring Kit Hazard Circuit Fault

    Hello. Am totally replacing the hacked up/ shorted-out/ modified/ butchered OEM wiring harness in my 72 FJ40 with a Painless Universal Kit. Switches are new, everything works as expected: horn, head lights, tail lights, turn signal, brakes, starts and idles fine. I keep blowing the fuse on the...
  2. BeerM3

    SOLD  Hazard Switch for 1/76 FJ40

    I'm looking for a functioning hazard switch that was used in 9/73 to 8/77 years. It has the 10 pin connector. I don't necessarily need the knob, just the switch. Thanks. BeerM3
  3. bellaire35

    Hazard switch wiring help

    Not sure if this is a lost cause but I am attempting to replace my current toggle switch for the hazard lights with a OEM Toyota pull switch. Where do I begin?? The PO installed the toggle switch and I have not a clue to where to begin. Maybe someone out there can give me a starting point.
  4. 7

    71 fj40 hazards and signals: why mine didn't work

    Hello, I am new here. First post. Signals and hazard lights on my 1971 fj40 stopped working both at the same time. Turned out to be 2 seperate problems simultaneously. Figured I would post this up just in case it could help somebody else out and save some time. My wiring appears to be stock...
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