1. Mtbcoach

    HAMOM request March 4

    Request for HAMOM March 4th at my home in Cary. I'll provide food and beverages from start to finish, will have my smoker and grill hot and full, garage fridge filled with cold drinks. Send me a PM for address if you don't have it. HAMOM goal - perform axle & transfer case swap on my '97...
  2. dbenke

    Feb 11 Cars and Coffee and Hamom

    Who's in. Its coming up quick.
  3. Green Hell Mustang

    HAMOM - October 30th - Triangle Area

    The Date - Oct. 30th, 10:00am - until we get done or get tired The Plan We are planning on doing a HAMOM (Help a Member of the Month) on October 30th @SeanLX house in Fuquay-Varina. The main focus right now is to change out the shocks and springs on my (@Green Hell Mustang) LX450, but if you...
  4. 77 KROOZER

    HAMOM - Saturday August 20th (Asheboro)

    FJ'ers, Wanting to put an Old Man EMU lift on my new 60 and thought having a few extra hands might be nice. If any ONSC'ers can make it down/up to Asheboro, I promise not to work you too hard. We have a nice 3 car garage with AC to turn wrenches and listen to music. I have most everything we'll...
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