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  1. L

    Best Grille/Brush Guard for LC200

    I recently purchased a 2013 LC200 and want to put a grille/brush guard on it. I live in Texas and deer are like rodents - all over the place. I came from a truck with a Ranch Hand style cattle guard and want something similar. I can only find grille guard/bumper replacements (ARB style), but I’m...
  2. LandCruiczar

    Thoughts on what to upgrade first?

    Howdy! Relatively new to the LC community. Got my UZJ100 around a year and a half ago at 188k. It's now at 201k. Here's a small breakdown of what I've done since. Don't get excited, it's all maintenance, no upgrades: odometer job, parts, fluids, etc. 188.1 CV & Tierod (L), rear axel seal...
  3. Devon

    USA Bullbar/Grill Guard Question

    Hello Americans In a few years after I skill up and get a lot of $$$ I will be Immigrating to the USA, I have done alot of research about moving and which cities to live, long story short I have picked two states Alaska - Anchorage or Eagle River Texas - Dallas, Fort Worth ( Leaning more...
  4. Texas Sun Power

    Wanted ARB or other such grille guard/bull bar etc.

    Preferred Central Texas (+Dallas, Waco, Houston,Corpus). Oh whatever... anywhere TX! 2006 LX470
  5. B

    For Sale Grill Guard off a 2003 Landcruiser

    I took this off my 2003 Landcruiser and want to get rid of it. Make me an offer. Must pickup in Austin, TX
  6. LittleRedWgon

    FJ60 Bull Bar/Bumper/Rack questions

    Hey gang...looking for everyones input on the options for front & rear bumpers as well as safari racks.... I know there is ARB, Trail Tailor..but looking for a good suggestion or a good thread to follow. Having a tough time finding threads on each.. Any help would rock...or just a slap in the...
  7. Astralcat

    Wanted Wanted: LX-450 Grill Guard Bumper, Trailer Hitch, Left Running Board

    97' LX450. Maui. I pay shipping. Let me know if you have parts to sell. Mahalo.
  8. landcruiserLV

    For Sale 80 series grill guard / tail light guards (Las Vegas)

    SOLD SOLD 8/23 I'm in Las Vegas, NV. These are OEM Toyota parts from my 1996 FZJ80 Series Land Cruiser. One grill guard and the 2 matching rear tail light guards. Asking $150 for all of it. Bolts included for the front but you'll need screws for the tail guards. Tail light guards have been...
  9. jcs1279

    For Sale Grill guard and running board for 80 series

    Selling grill guard and running boards for 80 series. $400obo. Text me, Jason @ 757-416-2946
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