front fender

  1. LittleRedWgon

    Wanted  FJ60 PS Fender needed

    Hey gang, I need a passenger side front fender... no color preference.. just straight. I can have it shipped, pick it up or do Fastenal. Just need it... I am restoring a 83fj60 with my daughters for first rig.. need a few more parts before paint! I’m in Phoenix area..85296 Thanks!!
  2. D

    Wanted  Right side front fender 78 FJ/BJ40

    Need a right front fender Thanks
  3. M

    For Sale  LC 80 passengers front fender flare

    $80 shipped.
  4. kombi

    Wanted  Passanger front fender 80 -PNW

    In central Oregon, would like a 80's Front passenger fender, possibly a hood and pass rear door as well but the fender is the main part i need.
  5. shwa76

    Wanted  fj80 front fender

    Looking for a passenger side front fender in black. With or without flare. I am located in idaho.
  6. bucketman

    Wanted  LX450 front passenger side fender & flair

    I'm looking for a PS front fender for a 1997 LX450. Any color will work. I will paint to match. Prefer dent free and flair must be intact with no damage. No rust. I'm also looking for an additional front passenger side fender flare for the same LX450. The closer to Medford, OR the better. I...
  7. Rimmeh

    I just wanted to seal a leak... (front fender removal, please help)

    Some time ago, I noticed that my front floor boards would get soaked after a heavy rain. Unlike stories I've heard here, mine wasn't due to a leak in the windshield gasket - after investigating with a garden hose, I found that water would enter when applied near the A-pillar/hood/fender gap...
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