1. ryanrtxtx

    For Sale  Dallas: LX470 Front Mats

    Like new OEM LX470 Ivory floor mats. No tears or stains. In great condition. Prefer pickup, but will ship. Buyer pays shipping. $50
  2. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale  Complete Carpet Set Grey for Land Cruiser FJ80

    SoCal From a 1992 and in very good condition. Complete set includes front two rows, cargo area and cargo humps. $140 for complete set. I prefer to keep it complete. Shipping is expensive because carpet is bulky and heavy. The carpet used in 1991-1992 will fit in all FJ80 series, however it...
  3. yonah

    2013+ floor mat compatibility in a 2008-2011?

    As the title says, are 2013+ floor mats, aftermarket or otherwise, compatible with the floor retention hooks found in the 2008-2011 model years? It seems like the retention hooks would be the only factor that could interfere with a proper installation. It's hard to tell from online images if...
  4. Farrell Martin

    Pink Fluid on Front Passenger Floor

    Drove my '92 fj80 about 100 miles on the highway today and when I parked it I noticed the front passenger floor mat was wet. My first thought was the AC drain was clogged and it was condensation, but the fluid is pink. My next thought was it was coolant from a heater core issue, but the liquid...
  5. Passenger56

    Water in Rocker Panels & Passenger Floor from Sunroof?

    Hey Everyone, I have recently noticed a significant amount of water accumulating in the frame of my 2005 LC. At first I wasn't sure where but my mechanic said the water (literally gallons) was in the rocker panels and he was able to drain it by pulling a plastic plug on the passenger side. I...
  6. wngrog

    For Sale  Floor Shift tranny cover

    out of a 73 part out. Completely restorable. Blast and paint. $50 shipped
  7. razorback06

    78 floor panel not complete


    Floor board lights.

    Does anybody have any suggestions on what's the best brand of floor board color changing LED lights are?
  9. Aids10

    For Sale  40th. Anniversary 80-Series OEM Floor Mats

    Oak Colour Being 20-years old, you'll likely never find a better example. Pure Unobtainium! $450 + ship :cheers:
  10. ToyotaMatt

    FOR sale 4Runner Floor mats set

    hi , 4 piece charcoal black 4runner fabric carpet type oem Toyota floor mats very minor blem / wear spot at heal gas pedal spot as normal otherwise great condition NON smoker please PM me for further details thanks price $ 50
  11. W

    Floor pan patch

    Just wanted to see what thoughts are on this. Not mine, Rest of truck loooks nice, undercarriage light surface rust but this just concerned me a bit. Is it a metal patch over a rusted floor pan? Thanks
  12. SuperTrooper808

    For Sale  FJ40 OEM Floor Mat

    Excellent condition! Thinking of pricing around $300? If I'm crazy let me know. Totally want to hook up a fellow mudder. Seen these things sell for random prices.
  13. E

    Rotten Floor Pans HJ60

    Please excuse me, Not sure where to post this but hope someone can help me out. I just bought a "new" 86 HJ60 Land Cruiser. There is rust but I thought this would be a great project vehicle. The 2H engine runs, the transmission shifts well, all the electrical works; Its a nice start. The issue...
  14. bluehawk

    Weathertech Floor Mats ????

    Has anyone found a good year and model weathertech floor mat to fit in a 60?
  15. F

    Trade  FJ55 Floor Matt (late style)

    I have a really middle area (between front and rear seats) floor matt. This is from a later FJ55. I have a 1970 FJ55 so I'm looking for the earlier style floor matt that has the underseat heater offset. The particular floor matt that I currently have has the heater cut-out centered. This matt...
  16. cruiserkreutz

    Land Cruiser Heaven Bed Floor

    I received the bed floor this week that I had ordered last November from Frank (@FloridaFJ80) at Land Cruiser Heaven. I must say, I'm very impressed! It showed up in great condition, crated good and primer (no rust). Frank was good to deal with, he was always very quick to respond via email and...
  17. K

    For Sale  FJ55 floor mat

    Fj55 front and middle floor mat for sale $385 obo in Northern California, U.S.A.
  18. Graniteone

    For Sale  Con-Ferr 60"x67" with floor and 6 mounts -Colorado

    SOLD, SOLD! I have decide to throw my RTT on my 60 vs a rack so I have decide to sell my Garvin Wilderness (Con-Ferr style) 60"x67" rack and it comes with 6 brackets. It is super solid rack but could use some paint or stripped and powder coated. I got this rack only a few months ago so I have...
  19. Nixon481

    Wanted  Portland, OR. Looking for floor transfer case linkage for '69 fj40

    anyone have a line on the linkage and shifter to covert my under-dash transfer case lever to the hump in my '69 fj40? I'm in Portland OR.
  20. landcrusher80

    SOLD  OEM Floor Mats for HDJ81

    Three Piece Carpeted Floor Mat Set 90-97 RHD HDJ81 in great condition. Color Gray 1 DS 1 PS 1 RS Asking $80 plus shipping.
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