floor pan

  1. gator25

    2/75 rebuild

    It all started when I began working on my uncle's FJ60, it was my deceased uncles truck and left to him. I rebuilt all the suspension, front and rear diffs, TC ect. I'd never worked on a LC before (I've always been a made in America kinda guy). From the start I was impressed by the beefiness of...
  2. W

    Floor pan patch

    Just wanted to see what thoughts are on this. Not mine, Rest of truck loooks nice, undercarriage light surface rust but this just concerned me a bit. Is it a metal patch over a rusted floor pan? Thanks
  3. JVZii

    For Sale  [GA] 79+ FJ40 Floor Pan Set from LC Heaven

    I have a set of LC Heaven floor pan patch panels for an FJ40 the 79+ variety After I bought them, I realized the entire floor really needed to be replaced so these are not needed. $200 + shipping for the pair. These are on hand and you can have them in a few days.
  4. PIPA

    Rust on the floor pan, behind rear heater, and rear sliding window of my '93, what to do?

    Hey Ih8mudders, Well my goal of line-x, dynaliner, and new carpet has hit a road block as I have discovered rust in three areas so far in my newly-acquired ride. As I was removing the sound deadner on top of the drivers-side floor pan I notice that there was some rust (which I had hoped would...
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