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  1. M

    Looking for rubber mats

    Just purchased an 07 Lexus GX and looking to replace the rubber floor mats. Any recommendations?
  2. A

    For Sale  Fj40 right side floor mat under seat.

    Floor mat for later model Fj40 for sale. Under seat - I think passenger side. $50 plus shipping
  3. denverj86

    Wanted  LX470 Floor Mats - Ivory or Gray

    Located in Denver, but also willing to pay for shipping. My 05 LX didn’t come with any of the OEM carpet mats, and I specifically need the cargo mat in either color - will take a full set of either though.
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    floor mat 2
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    floor mat
  6. B

    For Sale  Fj40 Aussie floormats cool cruisers 280 dollars

    New unused one piece Aussie fj40 front floormat. Originally purchased from Cool Cruisers i never got a chance to install because i sold my truck before the weather warmed up enough for me to install.
  7. yonah

    Dead pedal liner/cover - my attempt at fixing WeatherTech's shortcoming.

    Shortly after purchasing my 200 I picked up a set of WeatherTech floor liners. They seemed to be the most popular aftermarket mat per this forum. However, WeatherTechs do not cover the dead pedal for some reason (I'm not sure why). When the driver's left foot is placed on the dead pedal...
  8. mudterrain75

    SOLD  BJ41 RHD floor mats decent condition

    sold out
  9. GeorgeMason1

    Wanted  OEM Floormats

    I'm looking for new OEM floor mats (front, back and cargo area) for my 1996 FJ80 Land Cruiser....Oak Brown. Do they exist? I've seen where I can get used or aftermarket but not new OEM. If I can't get OEM, what is the next best mat based on like quality and color?
  10. SuperTrooper808

    For Sale  FJ40 OEM Floor Mat

    Excellent condition! Thinking of pricing around $300? If I'm crazy let me know. Totally want to hook up a fellow mudder. Seen these things sell for random prices.
  11. K

    For Sale  FJ55 floor mat

    Fj55 front and middle floor mat for sale $385 obo in Northern California, U.S.A.
  12. pmccraney

    For Sale  [MS] - OEM floor mat set (FJ55)

    This was pulled from a 72 (or 73) model. Its not perfect but it's original. Its got a tear (visible in pic) on the front tranny hump section. Its also got a hole (shown) on rear section (towards the left side) and a small hole above toyota logo on the drivers section. Again, not perfect, but...
  13. HJ47

    SOLD  (Now Sold) New FJ40 Reproduction Floor Mat 79-84

    Hello, For sale is a new FJ40 reproduction floor mat from To Jo 4WD Centre in Australia. I bought the last one they had and the mats are now discontinued. New, never installed. Selling to fund a full roll cage. Just looking to breakeven - $385 shipped PayPal gift ($400 shipped PayPal...
  14. M

    For Sale  Instrument Assy ....

    Land Cruiser - Instrument panel reinforcement 5533060060 - $150 - Step Assy 52351-60021 -$150 - Floor mat support plate 58574-60010 -$30 - Rear bumper right -$80. If interested send message.
  15. M


    We have many LAND CRUISER parts: - Instrument panel reinforcement 5533060060 $150 - Step Assy 52351-60021 $150 - Floor mat support plate 58574-60010 -$30 - Remote control left, right 69732AC010 69731AC010 -$10 set - Motor Assy, Power SE 85820-30400; 85820-30230; 85820-32020 - $30...
  16. planyourday

    For Sale  1975 Black Front Floor Mat

    Fj40 black front floor mat My Fj40 is far from original so others may have better use of this. This matt is in great shape. I have not added any protectors or chemicals. I didn't scrub it, I just rinsed it off with water and took pictures. There is a small tear on the drivers side (see photo)...
  17. Strand4x4

    For Sale  OEM Floor Mat Set for 80 Series New - Never Used

    For Sale a 4 Piece Set Land Cruiser Floor Mat Set. Both fronts, 2nd Row and 3rd Row Mat. Color is Gray/Grey. These mats are not available anywhere. This is for the serious restorer. I want $700 for the set and $25 for shipping. I hate to sell them, but my Land Cruiser has and Oak Interior and...
  18. Strand4x4

    For Sale  2nd Row Floor Mat 80 Series Oak/Brown LX450

    I have a very nice 2nd Row Rear Rear Floor Mat 80 Series or LX450 by Strand4x4 posted Jan 29, 2016 at 9:13 AMFloor Mat in Oak/Brown. This is OEM from a Lexus. $40 OBO plus $15 to ship.
  19. Strand4x4

    For Sale  Misc. FJ80 &FZJ80 Left Overs - Floor Mats & Misc.

    1. Passenger side floor mat gray - Nice condition but Land Cruiser Logo is missing $40 plus shipping 2. FJ80 Aux. window washer fluid tank, the one in the front fender $10 plus shipping 3. Tailgate hinge w/o bolts $5 plus shipping 4. Kenwood Front Door Speakers $5 plus shipping 5. Emergency...
  20. C

    Interest thread for OEM style floor mats for the FJ60 and FJ62

    Just wanted to get your feedback and thoughts on this pea brained idea I have. I have a lot of contacts in the automotive industry and wanted to see if we could get a group buy going for OEM style floor mats. I have a company that can build them in many different colors and could get close the...
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