1. scoobiedubes

    FJ25 & Very early FJ40 Front Bumper “group buy” - Gauging Interest

    I finally found an FJ25 front bumper for my FJ28 build, but prior to finding one I had been discussing fabricating one with a few different places. I believe there is some demand from others doing builds to have some made so I wanted to gauge interest to see how many could use one. It sounds...
  2. scoobiedubes

    Wanted  FJ25 (and early FJ40?) Differential parts

    I'm looking for this little gear that goes behind the carrier bearings. I'm not sure what they're called exactly, but we need two of them for the FJ28 restoration. EDIT: @pardion looked this up in the 1958 manual and they're called a "Nut, differential adjusting. PN RS 41312". Looks like this...
  3. scoobiedubes

    Builds  1960 FJ28L - Project Lara

    Alright some of you already know I'm the poor sap that bought this FJ28L at Barrett this afternoon. By the way that price is after all of Barrett's commissions plus I had to pay state and local sales tax :( Next time I'll fly in a family member out of town to "do my bidding"...
  4. CruiserNut75

    Australia. Brand new FJ25 FJ28 bonnet badge $300 au.

    I have made an excact copy off my FJ25 bonnet badge. These are brand new to the highest quality. Payment via paypal or bank transfer. I'm new to using Ih8mud so please be patient. Thanks Paul
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