engine removal

  1. Aaroneous

    '77 BJ40 engine removal - need to break paint seam?

    The previous owner painted the truck, and it looks like they painted over pretty much all of the seams. Painted seam by Aaroneous posted Feb 5, 2017 at 12:01 PM I need to pull the engine and replace it, and everything I've read shows folding down the front grill. I don't see any way of doing...
  2. gsi18867

    Torque Converter stem

    After pulling the motor, I found the TC stem/alignment nipple jammed inside the crank at an odd angle. I also have a little damage to the side of the spacer, almost looks like someone took a grinder to it. The stem from the TC has an odd warp or bend to it. I don't really want to replace the...
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