1. Berzerker76

    For Sale  Stock FZJ80 open diffs and gears O.C. CA/USA

    I just recently upgraded to Harrop ELockers along with new ring and pinion gears so I thought I'd see if anyone in the Southern CA area could use the stock open diffs and 4.10 gear sets. They came out of a '96 with roughly 240k miles. I really don't want to deal with trying to ship these, so...
  2. MattDsfj80

    92 fj80 diffs leaking

    I have a 92 fj80 with slow leaks in the front and rear diffs. I was just wondering if I should use a gasket or just RTV? I read about people using "Right Stuff" on pirate, but I have never heard of it before. Also the truck has lockers front and rear. The rear acts like an auto locker and I'm...
  3. SpamEggsandRice

    97 Lexus LX450 w/o Locking Diffs

    I've had this vehicle for a while just sitting on the back burner of projects to do. Well now is the time to work on it. As the title says, it does not have the magic switch for the locking front and rear diffs. What are my options to get locking F/R diffs on this vehicle? I'm open to all...
  4. C

    Any reveiws on Raven Industries, Tempe, Az?

    Hello Mud, Raven Industries in Tempe, AZ has a pretty decent deal on Gears / ARB Lockers installed for about $3300 F&R (90 day warranty on labor). Google searching is very sparse - only a half dozen positive reviews on any site I find (such a low number suggests employee and friend posts)...
  5. brakasha

    CDL + ABS Lights Do Not Illuminate

    Hi gang, On a trail in MA the other day, went to engage 4 lo (no pin 7 or switch mod) and the CDL/ABS lights stayed off. Figured no problem, must be the switch on the T case; I'll just pop it off, exercise it, pop it back on like last time. While doing this, I figured I would bridge the pins on...
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