1. The Jade Bean

    Another 40 trailer...

    Well we scored a $400 FJ40 and considered a restore, but I’m going to do a trailer for my fam to use for our camping trips to pull behind our Troopy and some parts to make Cruiser wall art to sell and then part out the rest. The plan is basically to use the rear and stretch it up to 12”. Use...
  2. AllLC

    im going here soon. my friend was inspired by coffee and cruisers and wants me to organize another cruiser event. But this time you'll have to bring your own coffee! Dont know when but... Im busy : 12/1 12/8, 12/9 12/22 Not busy: 12/2 12/23 or would...
  3. The Jade Bean

    Home Coffee Roasting...Best Practices, Setups, Etc.

    Here’s a place just for coffee talk. Specially for coffee roasting, commercial or otherwise. How are you doing it, what equipment, tips, tricks, etc. Let’s spread the knowledge and learn. Here’s my setup, a modified grill using someone else’s drum and motor. I did all the other mods. It works...
  4. Dizzy

    Beverage Strategies

    What is the best location / surface to set down a drink on a 40?
  5. The Jade Bean

    Builds ‘91 LHD Troopy - The Jag

    Many of you probably know me, but I thought I’d start a thread to doc my workings. Bought my Troopy in Honduras last year when we were living there and drove it back to Texas when we came back. I have lots of plans and they will happen very slowly. Lol. I’ll update what I’ve done little by...
  6. Riviera

    Milwaukee meetup?

    Anyone interested in a Milwuakee meetup, like a "Cruisers and coffee" deal? I've got my eyes on a couple places that might work. Nothing huge, just a little get together. Probably a Sunday morning.
  7. 80 Sack

    May Meeting at Huffine Cold Smoke Coffee

    That's right gang. We have officially grown out of the Cold Smoke on 19th, and we will meet at their new location. The meeting will be this coming Tuesday the 9th at 7 pm. After this month, we should be back to meeting at Lindley Park! Hope to see you all there! Thanks, TC
  8. The Jade Bean

    The truthful story of a man who drinks coffee, does outreach & drives a 70 Series in Honduras

    Photo from yesterday of us with some friends here in Copán. My family is to the right. Okay so because I riddle the Random Picture Thread with all my adventures, it has been suggested that I start a thread dedicated to the nonsense that I get into. So a very shortened version of how I got...
  9. JToobe

    Cars & Coffee Saturday, April 22nd

    Who is up for going? To park together I propose we meet at the Earthfare Parking lot at 8 am and drive in together!
  10. fourtillfour

    Adventure Mobiles + Coffee - Saturday, April 29, 2017!

    Hey Guys, I want to invite you all out to our last Saturday of the month, Adventure Mobiles + Coffee meet! Join us Saturday, April 29 from 8am - 11am. We're welcoming all adventure cars and have great parking out front and surrounding our coffee shop in Old Town Scottsdale. The weather has...
  11. drbeemer73

    GREAT Coffee Ad

    See OVERLAND: African Single Origin – Ethiopa, Yirgacheffee, Aramo Station | Bee Line Coffee Co.
  12. kevinfoutch

    Cruisers & Coffee - Denver BassPro Apr 8th

    For everyone in the Denver area on Apr 8th, come up/down/over to BassPro around 10 AM for a meet & greet of other Mudders. We'll meet in the parking lot of BassPro (link below) to share tips & tricks, plan future upgrades, and seek inspiration for things you didn't know you needed. Saturday...
  13. David1947

    Cars and Coffee

    Is there any interest about attending some of these events in either Greensboro or Winston as a group?
  14. tgadd

    Charlotte Cars & Coffee - Apr 1

    April Fool's Day Cars & Coffee 1720 Galleria Blvd, Charlotte, NC 28206 We can meet at the Harris Teeter before and carpool over. I'll be at HT around 7:30am if anyone wants to join me. Heading over to C&C at 8am
  15. fourtillfour

    Adventure Mobiles + Coffee Meetup this Saturday, 2/25/17

    Hey Guys, Its the last Saturday of the month! I was out of town last month, but I received very positive feedback on the turn out and the quality of the cars. This weather has been amazing so I invite you all back out to our monthly Adventure Mobiles + Coffee meet. This time I will not miss...
  16. EasternYeti

    Brux all-in-one pour over coffee maker

    Saw this on cool material and wondered if anyone has one? I like the concept of a compact all in one pour over coffee maker, curious to see if anyone thinks it's worth the money BRuX All-in-One Pour Over Coffee System
  17. TCruiser93

    Cars & Coffee at the Oasis - Feb 12th!

    Lets all show off our rigs at the Oasis Car show! February 12th 10am - 1pm (via *Their FB page says it starts at 9am, so if anyone's been please confirm* Post up if you can go! Mark aka mmw68, can you post the event on FB too just incase anyone sees. - Thanks!
  18. dbenke

    Feb 11 Cars and Coffee and Hamom

    Who's in. Its coming up quick.
  19. JToobe

    Cars & Coffee this Saturday, 1/28

    Starts at 8 am at the Michelin HQ off the Parkway (Pelham Rd I-85 Exit). I will be swinging by the CFA on Pelham to get me a biscuit.....maybe with some mustard! @Trollhole , time to bring the Stout!
  20. fourtillfour

    Adventure Mobiles + Coffee Meetup this Saturday, 1/28/17

    Its that time of year again... Car season! We are hosting a vintage adventure mobile meetup at my coffee shop, Fourtillfour, in Old Town Scottsdale this Saturday 9am. I wanted to extend the invite to all of you. This will be the third adventure mobile meet we have hosted. The goal is to push...
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