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  1. Iamdave8383

    Selling items

    I usually sell things here in mud very fairly. For example. A center console that I spent many hours scrubbing 30 years of gunk, hair, old buds from a pipe from the distant past, Coke, coffee, and then repainted it with over $20 of OEM brown paint that I sold for $40 plus shipping. A pair of OEM...
  2. billiam

    SOLD  Seattle: FJ62 Center Console

    Selling original center console from my 1988 FJ62. In good condition. Asking $50 OBO
  3. DOC66

    For Sale  100 series - All OEM Seats and Door Cards from 2000

    Replaced all the seats and door cards in our 2000 Crusher. LF , RF , 60/40 Split Center, 50/50 3rd row fold away Jump seats. Tan - Leather - 8 person seating Heated front seats... Normal wear on the Front seat Bottoms. No Foam Damage - Front seat bottom leather has started to crack. All other...
  4. AlbertoSD

    SOLD  80-series shifter and shifter console (LHD)

    Have a used 80-series shifter and shifter cover from a 1997 FZJ80 (LHD). The shifter knob seems to be in decent shape. Comes as you see in the photos: Asking $100 (or best offer) for both plus shipping from Cincinnati. -Alberto
  5. corporatecruzr

    SOLD  Northeast Alabama dash controls/console

    Pulled out of a ‘98 The fan control knob sticks Small crack as seen in picture 65$ obo
  6. bonestock

    SOLD  Chattanooga, TN: FZJ80 center console lid, sun visors & a/c vents

    Plus shipping on these. I should have boxes except for the visors. $15 / each on the vents $25 / each on the visors $45 / center console lid Everything will ship from 30750. Thanks for looking!
  7. N

    LX450 Sub/CD Removal, Center Console Storage Solution

    Hey all, Most of us around here agree that the center console in the LX450 is less than optimal (to put it nicely). This is due in part to the large, mediocre sub-woofer and the CD changer that dwell beneath it. Once installing an aftermarket stereo the disc changer becomes obsolete...
  8. mrjordann

    How do y'all fit your Tuffy consoles?

    I made a post a week or so ago, I asked which center console I should buy. I got a lot of responses recommending the Tuffy console. So I bought the 6" (smallest) Tuffy console for sale. Upon installation, I really had to smash it between the seats and it did not feel good. I attached a picture...
  9. mrjordann

    Best center console for FJ40 with bucket seats?

    I didn't use to like the idea of a center console. I thought they were ugly, bulky, and not period-correct. But daily driving my 73 fj40 got me thinking about some creature comforts. My doors don't lock, and neither does my glove box. I'd like somewhere that I can leave semi-valuable things...
  10. Joa

    1986 FJ60 Center Console Color code

    Finally getting around to working on the interior trim of my FJ60! Been surfing Mud for a while and decided to pose a question! Struggling here looking for the correct color to paint the OEM center console on a late(June) 1986 FJ60. I have tried the "heat gun" restore method to no avail...
  11. Dustin Messina

    SOLD  FJ60 Center Console Gray Super Clean Crack Free

    Pulled out of my rig and is super clean no cracks any where. $175 shipped, located in Brandon, MS Have more pics I can send. No mounting hard ware include.
  12. Whiphub

    “Turnkey” aftermarket center consoles

    I’ve seen the mods for Smittybuilt and Tuffy consoles that allow fitment. Are there any vendors out there selling one with a cup holder that I can just bolt in???
  13. 3 Mystery plugs under center console

    3 Mystery plugs under center console

    from what i've read, these are likely for front seat heaters (2 of them) that were a factory option and a center console fridge that wasn't available as an option in the US...or they are something else completely and I'm now spreading lies
  14. mikeluce

    Lost 2" in the driver seat from a 100 to 200 - can you make the center console narrower?

    I've had my MY 2000 LC for 180k miles, and it is still going strong. But, I'd like to get an updated interior, better electronics, and cooled seats. So, I sat in a 2017 the other day, and found myself feeling a bit pinched. I got out my measuring tape and found the door arm rest to the center...
  15. Octave Zangs

    SOLD  1990 FJ62 Grey Center Console - Great Shape

    I'm selling a 1990 FJ62 grey center console with heater switch, in great shape! Asking $95. Pickup in Portland, OR.
  16. Forest62

    For Sale  OEM Center console (grey)

    I just put in a Tuffy console so I have my factory console up for sale. Front two holes are cracked, I used washers and it was solid.
  17. Sheadon

    Cut off center cooling console

    Has anyone cut off the airflow to the center cooling console? Will it affect the main A/C components for the dash to work properly? For example, will it affect the compressor? My compressor is dead and before I buy a new one I want to make sure it's ok that the cooling console has been...
  18. shoresoccer13

    Center Console Question

    If you were to remove the ahc to go to a more normal suspension in an lx470 would a similar year land cruiser center console be a direct fit replacement so that you could eliminate now dead switches for the ahc? I tried searching this up but most of the topics are just on removal or...
  19. cmcp0101

    SOLD  FJ62 Center Console Brown - San Diego, CA

    Brown center console with side square beverage holder. In good shape. Does not include switch for heater control unit. Asking $150 obo. Message me if interested. Can drop off in SoCal area. Center Console Open by cmcp0101 posted Sep 5, 2017 at 5:08 PMCenter Console Front by cmcp0101 posted Sep...
  20. LandyAndy

    Wanted  100 Series Center Console Rear Cupholder

    Needing the cupholder on the back of the center console. Really just need the front plate but the whole cupholder assembly would be great too. Here's my current situation:
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