cars and coffee

  1. Tylerh84

    San Diego Rigs and Coffee

    Hey everyone, @custyota and I were thinking of setting up a rigs and coffee for everyone in the greater SD area. We have a place in mind in IB but would like to have it move every month or 2 to possibly try different coffee spots. Let me know what everyone thinks!
  2. David70FJ40

    Cars and Coffee

    Is there any interest about attending some of these events in either Greensboro or Winston as a group?
  3. dbenke

    Feb 11 Cars and Coffee and Hamom

    Who's in. Its coming up quick.
  4. joyRidaz

    Cars & Coffee (Charlotte) Sat 9/3

    Anyone sticking around and wanting to go to Cars and Coffee this Saturday? I'm hoping to use a Hall Pass and make an appearance. Not sure if the storm system will impact the event or not, but as of now it's scheduled. I've seen several non-ONSC cruisers around town lately, hoping to...
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