bump stops

  1. keepit100

    SOLD Timbren 100 series front bump stops. Brand new! Ultra-soft compound

    For sale is a brand new never installed set of front Timbren bump stops for 100 series Land Cruiser. I paid $220 plus shipping new. Will sell for $175 plus shipping.
  2. J

    Bump Stops Options

    Hello All, I have searched and it looks like Timbren is the only option for after market bump stops. Wow are they expensive! Before I drop $400-$500 on Timbren bump stops ..... I wanted to see if ther are other options preferably cheaper. Fabricators on the forum take note there may be an...
  3. kd5kuu

    Is something wrong with my rear suspension?

    Hi all - I am new to Land Cruisers and Toyota's in general, so I'm hoping to draw on the collective experience of this wonderful community. I bought my completely stock 2014 Land Cruiser in June of 2017 with 22,000 miles from a Land Rover dealer who took it on trade. So far, it's been an...
  4. Tancruiser

    Wanted Wanted 1 bump stop the one that bolts onto the axel with the u bolts

    Some how I misplaced 1 on my LV thanks anyone?
  5. K

    For Sale FJ40 blower motor, bump stops and u-bolt plates

    All from my 76 FJ40 and in good working condition. Blower motor $100, bump stops $20, u-bolt plates $20.
  6. 0

    Wheeler Offroad "Superbumps" installed.

    So after reading on a few forums about Wheelers Offroad bump stops I found that the part number that fits the FJ Cruiser is also compatible with the LC100/LX470 chassis. Over the LCA there are two positions where you will find the OEM bump stops. You could mount the Wheelers "Superbumps" in all...
  7. Skeenextreme

    DIY Bump Stop Spacers

    DIY bump stop spacers. Cost: $15 Time: 1hr Difficulty: Easy Required Tools: 3/8 drill bit, punch, hammer, safely glasses, 12mm socket, drill press or drill, WD40. BEFORE: AFTER: After looking around for bump stop spacer and seeing most are selling at $40-$50+ I decided to make my own...
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