1. R

    FJ80 land cruiser oem brush guard

    Hi, i'm looking for an oem brush guard for a 1997 lx450. Does anybody have one they can sell me? I live in Philly and can travel as long as it's not insanely far.
  2. Pancake Donkey

    Wanted  80 series Winch Bumper

    Interested in any 2nd hand fwinch compatible bullbars (front) that fit an 80 series. (Example arb, tjm, slee, trail gear, nwti, etc etc)
  3. Texas Sun Power

    Wanted  ARB or other such grille guard/bull bar etc.

    Preferred Central Texas (+Dallas, Waco, Houston,Corpus). Oh whatever... anywhere TX! 2006 LX470
  4. E

    What bullbar is this?

    Hi All, Does anyone know what bull bar this is and where I can get it? I can't quite see from the picture. Cheers, Al
  5. HJ47

    SOLD  MN - Warn 8274 Winch w/Roller Fairlead, 4Plus Winch Bullbar

    Warn 8274 Winch w/ Roller Fairlead and plug in corded remote. No winch cable included. Positive/Negative cable leads are heavy 2 gauge (need to check length). Located in Twin Cities, MN. Prefer local pick up. (Note: I will be traveling to Eastern WI over Easter weekend, so I can get it to...
  6. 000000000048

    Looking for Fj60 rock sliders in bay area

    Was wondering if anyone knew of someone in the Bay Area that makes costum Rock sliders and bumpers. Just trying to find a good metal fabricator in the Bay Area (CA). Thanks, Steven
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