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  1. Tor88

    For Sale ARB Dakar Bar off of fj62 wagon

    Selling ARB Dakar Bar off of my fj62 wagon. Winch compatible, indicator lights. All parts accounted for. Good condition, lightly used. Would rather not ship or travel. More pics available upon request. $600 obo. Located in Sacramento
  2. Devon

    USA Bullbar/Grill Guard Question

    Hello Americans In a few years after I skill up and get a lot of $$$ I will be Immigrating to the USA, I have done alot of research about moving and which cities to live, long story short I have picked two states Alaska - Anchorage or Eagle River Texas - Dallas, Fort Worth ( Leaning more...
  3. Markuson

    "Extinct" TJM T13 Captured!

    Contrary to the seemingly "extinct" status of new TJM T13 bumpers in the wild... ...I just drove home with this: :grinpimp::hillbilly::clap::steer: Yippeeeeeeee! Not only that...but I hear one of our venders is about to have 3...in stock ready to purchase...which means you won't have to...
  4. Webster77

    ARB bull bar

    Does anyone have pictures of mounting the factory recovery points with this unit? Directions didn't make sense and for the life of me I can't figure out how they just bolt back up without some sort of modification!
  5. C

    For Sale ARB non- winch bull bar for sale- $725 obo

    When i bought my fzj80 the PO had installed this bumper right before I purchased it. I wanted to have a winch on the front and toyed with the idea of modifying this bumper to accept a winch, but lucked out and found a used short bus local. This is a used bumper in very good condition. I...
  6. jbma327

    For Sale SoCal: RARE! FJ80 JAOS bull bar Mint!

    Hey guys, I have a hard to find discontinued JAOS bull bar brush guard for an 80 series. It is currently installed on my 97' land cruiser. The bull bar is in perfect condition, no rust (stainless steel) or damage. Could use a little cleaning. FOG LIGHTS ARE NOT INCLUDED! Located: South El...
  7. E

    For Sale AZ: FJ60/62 Bull Bar

    As pictured, was told by previous owner of my truck that this is a Smittybuilt bull bar (sticker says Sterling manufacturing), no hardware included. $450. Located in Phoenix, AZ. Prefer local inspection/pickup.
  8. F

    ARB bull bar with winch plate second cut out opening?

    Hey guys quick question. I have searched and can't seem to find it. What what was the second rectangular opening with bolt holes on either side and above it, just above the top fair-lead mounts designed for on the ARB deluxe bull bar?
  9. 6840

    Wanted 70 series bull bar / bumper (long shot)

    Looking for an ARB or similar front winch bumper to fit a pre-2007 70 series.
  10. Fj moneypit

    Wanted Looking for ARB 3500050 Winch Spacer for Bull Bar

    Looking for part ARB 3500050 Winch spacer for Bull Bar bumper. Let me know if you have. Thanks
  11. S

    Wanted Aftermarket bumpers (ARB, Slee, TJM, etc.) 98-07 LC

    Wanting to upgrade the current bumper to something much better armored.
  12. landcruiserLV

    For Sale 80 series grill guard / tail light guards (Las Vegas)

    SOLD SOLD 8/23 I'm in Las Vegas, NV. These are OEM Toyota parts from my 1996 FZJ80 Series Land Cruiser. One grill guard and the 2 matching rear tail light guards. Asking $150 for all of it. Bolts included for the front but you'll need screws for the tail guards. Tail light guards have been...
  13. FZJ80Cruiser

    For Sale ARB Front bumper Toyota Tacoma 2005-2011 - Seattle

    ARB front deluxe steel bull bar for a 2005-2011 Toyota Tacoma, model # 3423030. Returned merchandise, has some surface scratches from packaging coming off. Comes with complete fit kit, $800.... WILL NOT SHIP. Will post pics later today, link for illustration: ARB Deluxe Bar Toyota Tacoma...
  14. 6

    Wanted Sydney, Australia - ARB or Xrox or similar 70 Series Bull Bar

    Looking for a bullbar for my BJ70 - ARB or Xrox procomp style. What have you got ?
  15. J

    03+ Arb Bumper Fitment and Gap

    Hello all. I've been a regular lurker here and finally came across a question I need to ask. I installed an 03 Arb bull bar to my 99 100 series. I am seeing a 1" gap in the front between the bumper and the car. Is this normal? Btw I've been pounding the bumper with a rubber mallet and it...
  16. Deo Singh

    For Sale FJ80 Manik Brush Guard (Valencia, CA, USA)

    Manik Side Steps for FJ80/80-series For Sale Reason for Sale: I replaced them with rock sliders Condition: Fair - could use some TLC (pun intended). The bars are structurally sound. Needs a wipe down, maybe rust remover in some spots (How to Remove Rust from Metal), maybe a coat of spray paint...
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