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  1. D

    For Sale  Bend, OR: WAAG Brush/Grill Guard

    I have this WAAG Brush/Grill Guard that I took off a 1999 100 Series Cruiser. It is in perfect structural shape and has a little rash on the left side (as seen in pic) that could be fixed with a little touch up rattle can paint. All original hardware and no rust. $175
  2. T

    For Sale  Houston: Brush Guard for Toyota Land Cruiser 1998-2007

    Go Rhino Brush Guard. Comes with all mounting brackets and bolts for 1998-2007 Toyota Land Cruiser or Lexus LX 470. Surface rust on some areas, but structurally sound. $40 OBO. PM for more details
  3. S

    Wanted  80 series land cruiser damage multiplier brush guard

    If anyone has a "damage multiplier" brush guard for an 80 series land cruiser for sale, or knows a website where I can purchase one please let me know. Can't seem to find them anywhere.
  4. mrq

    SOLD  FJ80/80's Series Grill/Brush Guard – Portland, OR ($275 OBO)

    Does anyone need a grill guard for an 80's series? I just installed an ARB bumper on my rig so I took this grill guard off – and don't need it anymore. It is in great shape – structurally perfect. It looks super rad and is so easy to install (less than 10mins). I am pretty sure it's an original...
  5. Dustin Messina

    For Sale  Fj80 Front Brush Guard

    This was on an 80 I picked up. See pics for dent. Not mounting hardware. $100 prefer local pickup. Located in Brandon, MS
  6. L

    Best Grille/Brush Guard for LC200

    I recently purchased a 2013 LC200 and want to put a grille/brush guard on it. I live in Texas and deer are like rodents - all over the place. I came from a truck with a Ranch Hand style cattle guard and want something similar. I can only find grille guard/bumper replacements (ARB style), but I’m...
  7. R

    FJ80 land cruiser oem brush guard

    Hi, i'm looking for an oem brush guard for a 1997 lx450. Does anybody have one they can sell me? I live in Philly and can travel as long as it's not insanely far.
  8. TNFJ80

    Parting Out  Knoxville, TN - 80 Series Brush Guard, Dobinson Springs, OEM Shocks

    I have some take offs from the vehicle I picked up a couple weeks ago. $200 - Brush Guard - Good shape, no dents, bends, broken pieces. Much more stout than I imagined when i saw it in pictures. Has some chipping paint on top bar. $100 - 2 month old Dobinson factory height front springs. I...
  9. Totty

    Wanted  FJZ80tail light brush guards

    Hello, I’m looking to buy some tail light brush guards for my 95 Land Cruiser. Would appreciate any help! Thanks! Feel free to text or call. Sincerely, Chris 980 229 6209
  10. Totty

    Wanted  Brush Guards for FJZ80

    Hello, I'm looking for some Brush guards (front or back or both). I have a '95. Thanks for any help! Sincerely, Chris
  11. Dalton wyatt

    FREE  80 series side steps & brushguard

    I took off my 97 side steps & brush guard. Im in the Sacramento area free to any mud members who wanna pick them up. Don't wanna deal with shipping. Pm me if interested.
  12. ampline

    For Sale  80 series brush guard WAAG

    WAAG brush guard. Removed from a California 80, zero rust. A little faded. Located in northern Kentucky. $200 obo
  13. bparker

    For Sale  FJ40/45 NLA SOR Brush Guard TX

    SOR Brush Gaurd for 40/45 series Hard to find and no longer available from specter Excellent condition no damage Comes with two mounted lights unsure of condition Willing to meet around DFW/Austin or drop off at a local Fastenal Asking $650 OBO plus shipping
  14. S

    For Sale  Front Brush Guard - 80 Series (NH)

    Front brush guard off 80 series, very nice shape, no rust, black paint, has headlight guards, brackets and hardware. Not sure who it's made by. Pickup only near Manchester, NH. $150 or bo
  15. Willard

    Wanted  FJ60 brush guard

    Looking for a FJ60 brush guard I know a real bumper would be better, I just do not want the weight or a winch hanging off there 24x7.
  16. Berzerker76

    For Sale  FR Bumper Brush Guard for FJ80 Laguna Hills, CA

    I have a OEM (i think) front Brush Guard / Cow Catcher / Damage Multiplier taken off my 1996 FZJ80 Land Cruiser. I'm not sure if this was originally black and has faded or if it was intended to be this way. Anyhow as it sits its currently sort of a gunmetal color. The bar is in real good shape...
  17. M

    For Sale  Brush Guard with Hella Lights off a 100 series- Atlanta, GA

    For sale is an almost new brush guard. Two Hella Fog Lights are currently attached to the brush guard and will come with the purchase. The brush guard came off my 99 Toyota Land Cruiser, in perfect shape. Previous owner had purchased and installed it on the truck, but I don't need it. All...
  18. travcaldwell

    Advice on Brush Guard for 80 Series

    Looking for input on brush guards. I really like the HeftyFabWorks guards but they don't make one for 80 series. Any recommendations for something similar? Also considering whether a winch is something I should get for the brush guard or not. Right now my 80 series just has factory bumper and...
  19. travcaldwell

    Brush Guards for 80 Series?

    I just bought my first 80series. It is in great shape and has all factory parts on it. I'm working on building it up for general offroad use for hunting, fishing, and camping. I'd love input on brush guards. I really like what heftyfabworks makes but, they don't make a model for 80 series. I...
  20. seth

    For Sale  SoCal: FJ40 Brush Guard

    Hi guys, I'm selling this winch-compatible brush guard. I used it for a while as my toolbox holder, but it's time to restore the Cruiser and it has to go. First $150 cash takes it. Sorry, I can't ship it. This is just the brush guard, not the whole bumper. Should mount to any stock FJ40 bumper...
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