block heater

  1. fj55-100

    Cold Weather Starting

    So once again the cold is finally here . i know i am not as cold as others and hope the sty will share some tips on how to start a cold Pig . it was 15 last morning and 17 this morning . it seems like anything under 20 I have a hard time making it catch . i have a dual battery set up and that...
  2. Gobo Fongo

    BJ-42 Help Needed! - Freeze Plug / Block Heater Woes

    I'm really stuck right now: I bought the 35mm block heater, and I went for a (kinda-sorta) accessible freeze plug just aft of the injection pump on the driver's side. I tapped on the freeze plug, but it went into the block, and while I can wiggle it around with my finger, I can't get it out...
  3. S

    Block heater or oil pan heater for '92 diesel HDJ81?

    I recently bought a diesel '92 HDJ81 and I'm looking into putting in either a block heater or an oil pan heater. Which is the best and can you provide installation instructions for this specific model? The temperature rarely goes below -10C in the town I live but I occasionally visit relatives...
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