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  1. J

    Wanted 1973 FJ40 Rear Side Markers and Back Up light

    I recently got my diamond plate covered rust eaten rear quarter panels replaced with new panels, but now have empty spaces for the side markers and back up lights that are long gone? Anybody have any that they would let go of?
  2. S

    2011 LC - replacing the back up camera with a unit displays "lines"

    Has anyone successfully replaced the back up camera on a 2001 LC? This camera is useless for navigating into a parking slot without the indicator lines. I'm wondering if you can splice into the existing wires to power a replacement camera with the indicator lines? Any thoughts?? Thanks Shad O Matic
  3. h2opl20

    Back up camera monitor in visor- who makes this?

    Hello all- Wondering if anyone knows who makes this, where I can get it or has anyone done this before? I searched the forum and all I could find this costco install- but I'm looking for one that would replace the mirror. Also I'm trying to install it on a 100 LC rather than LX...
  4. stoshzack

    Back Up Switch Connection - 3 on tree to floor

    Hi All - Here is the last of my electrical questions (I hope). I changed my '70 FJ40 from the 3 speed on the column/tree to floor mounting. My question is on the back up light connection. I thought that I had read that there were built-in connectors in the original wiring harness to allow...
  5. F

    Wanted 1973 FJ40 back up light

    I'm looking for the large back up lamp for the FJ40's produced in 1973. It was a light that was unique to that year only.
  6. TexYoung

    Back-up light lense

    Happy New Year to everyone. I need a lens for my back-up light. Number 2 in the picture. Anyone out there have one? I can't find anything on line. Thanks!
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