1. L

    Auburn LSD

    Does anyone have personal experience running the Auburn Pro LSD in the LC200? Any issues with the factory traction control system?
  2. stock

    Auburn ECTED locker

    Not seeing a lot of feed back or posts here in my searches. I have an ARB in the rear of my 80, but I'm thinking the Auburn e locker in the rear of my 1969 40 as I start getting her up to snuff. Anyone have one? Install hard/easy? If you do have one, how long have you had it and have you had...
  3. 69LC

    saw an orange 40 today N. of Auburn Hills

    I was on I-75 NB just leaving the Auburn Hills, MI area and saw a really nice SOA orange 40 headed south bound. Anyone know who that was? It also had soft doors and no hardtop.
  4. Muddy Bean

    Used my 100 to help three EMT's and a burn victim

    Yesterday was driving in the 100 back to Katy from a day trip to San Antonio when we spotted an ambulance on the side of a lonely stretch of hwy and EMT's setting out hazard triangles. We pulled over and two of the three medics frantically begged us for a ride to the nearest fuel station. A...
  5. 2 Bees

    Auburn LSD Toyota 8-7/8" 1968-89 on sale

    Auburn LSD on sale at JEDS Auburn Gear 542030 Pro Series Differential Toyota 8-7/8" 1968-89 $573.99 $533.99 Lowest Price Guarantee ON SALE - $40.00 OFF FREE Shipping Auburn Gear 542030: Pro Series Differential Toyota 8-7/8" 1968-89 | JEGS
  6. SkyMall

    Anyone out there running front & rear LSDs?

    I know selectable lockers are generally considered the way to go, followed by a rear auto locker of some sort, but I am fascinated by the idea of running front and rear LSDs. I know the only option for the rear is the Auburn and the front is either an Auburn or a TrueTrac. As I understand it the...
  7. R

    For Sale 2000 TLC Third Row Seats

    These seats are original from my 2000 TLC. They are tan. Asking $250 plus actual shipping
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