1. L

    Auburn LSD

    Does anyone have personal experience running the Auburn Pro LSD in the LC200? Any issues with the factory traction control system?
  2. stock

    Auburn ECTED locker

    Not seeing a lot of feed back or posts here in my searches. I have an ARB in the rear of my 80, but I'm thinking the Auburn e locker in the rear of my 1969 40 as I start getting her up to snuff. Anyone have one? Install hard/easy? If you do have one, how long have you had it and have you had...
  3. Muddy Bean

    Used my 100 to help three EMT's and a burn victim

    Yesterday was driving in the 100 back to Katy from a day trip to San Antonio when we spotted an ambulance on the side of a lonely stretch of hwy and EMT's setting out hazard triangles. We pulled over and two of the three medics frantically begged us for a ride to the nearest fuel station. A...
  4. SkyMall

    Anyone out there running front & rear LSDs?

    I know selectable lockers are generally considered the way to go, followed by a rear auto locker of some sort, but I am fascinated by the idea of running front and rear LSDs. I know the only option for the rear is the Auburn and the front is either an Auburn or a TrueTrac. As I understand it the...
  5. R

    For Sale 2000 TLC Third Row Seats

    These seats are original from my 2000 TLC. They are tan. Asking $250 plus actual shipping
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