1. FJ40 ashtray (used)

    FJ40 ashtray (used)

    for sale, $30
  2. mudterrain75

    For Sale Switches and ashtray of 1978 40 series

    No longer need these parts, I decide to sell it. Grey ashtray, wiper switch, light switch in good condition. Ask for $250 all or $150 for the $50 ea for the switches. Shipping at your dime
  3. Charles4x4

    1st Gen 4Runner Ashtray Cupholder?

    I just tired to find a good spot to mount the marine folding cup holders in my '87 4Runner SR5 tonight that I got off Amazon but no luck. I have a 80 series Land Cruiser and bought Slee's cup holder that fits in the useless pocket thing that works similar to an ash tray. Does anyone make...
  4. S

    Wanted 80 Series Ashtray for 97 LC

    Looking for an ashtray for the front of an 80 series 1997 model. Email or text me please. Located in VA 24370. or 276-492-6587.
  5. wileycoyote

    eBay Screw up

  6. 65swb45

    For Sale FJ40 Ashtray, SoCal

    Good condition. $70 shipped. Minimum order requirements apply. No PMs please. Mark
  7. kevos37

    For Sale FJ40 Rechromed Ashtrays

    I have 3 freshly chromed ashtrays for a FJ40. I was planning to paint the fronts and buff the handles out , but I've just decided to sell them as is. I'm asking $130 (per ashtray) shipped. The fronts and handles are in good condition. PM me if you have questions. Thanks Kevin
  8. Wes

    Wanted Tan Console Ashtray for BJ4x

    I am looking for the console ashtray in tan color as shown in the picture below. This would be for a BJ4x with the L Package.
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