1. Willis

    Builds  Troopy Trial No. 2

    After building and enjoying my first Troopy for the past two years, it was time to start another. I loved the ol 12HT/pop-top truck right down to the rusty fading paint but all at once I had about 4 people want to buy it so I decided to sell and start another. Coincidentally Lukas...
  2. SOAZtim

    Alucab Shadow Awning review

    Well, I avoided getting an awning like the plague for the last 15 or so years. The only ones I sorta liked were the Hannibal awning because they self supported and folded away quickly. They always seemed expensive and hard to get so when I saw the Alucab one I thought it finally looked like...
  3. TheWayOverland

    G'day, Follow our journey in the Troopy from Aus --> UK

    G'day, We've recently completed a conversion on our '07 HDJ78R Troopy into a full camper. We've just done a loop trip around the South Coast of WA, (including Telegraph and Holland Track for those of you in Oz), as a test before heading off from Perth in June to travel overland to, at this...
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