1. bonestock

    Install Advice Request / Airlift for 80 Series - LX450

    Good afternoon, Mud sirs! I am about to install Airlift bags in my 97 LX450 with 197K on the clock. This has OME 862 rear springs that are in good condition. They were part of a kit ordered from Slee a couple years ago. I wish, like hell, I had installed a lifted and heavier spring / kit when...
  2. M

    Airbag Conversion Kits

    Hey guys! New GX owner here. Just ordered a Dobinsons 3” kit with Freedom Offroad UCAs for my GX and realized I forgot to add an airbag delete kit to the package. Any suggestions for cost/value? Anything that won’t work with my kit that I should know about? Thanks!
  3. M

    Measure AHC Pressures with Airbags

    Spent all day installing a set of Firestone airbags and 30mm spacers on the 99 LX470. Saw a lot of feedback about the Air Lift bags going through the bottom, so just turned the Firestone bags upside down and seems to work so far unless I’m missing something about why they would need to run out...
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