1. Big Daddy 69

    Fj 12ht Conversion

    G’day, I’ve got a 1967 Fj with a Holden 253 in it and I would like to swap out the 253 for a 12ht. I was just wondering what could be involved thanks!
  2. 4060seriesnut

    For Sale  Dubai: FJ40 / BJ40 Parts for sale. Paypal Accepted! PRICE DROP!

    Hello guys! Selling the following after restoring a BJ40 here in Pakistan. The spares are now in Dubai, and will be shipped from here. I accept Paypal (and not the mysterious Western Union) and shipping is tracked and included in the asking price :) 1) 1 FJ40 (originally 70 Series, also...
  3. ClassicLCfan

    Builds  Toyota Landcruiser BJ40 / FJ40 1978/79 - Restoration Project

    Hi, @Honger 's restoration thread attracted me to ih8mud the day I bought my BJ40, and I have been hooked since then to this forum and different posts, which have educated me, as a newbie, a lot about 40 Series. Well, here is my rig. Bought it in July 2016, received beginning of October 2016...
  4. RLMS

    Red Line 40 series Resto Dash Indicator Plates

    We now have these in stock! Custom laser cut resto dash plates! Featuring "Brakes" and ("CK-ENG" for EFI conversions) Laser cut aluminum plate to factory specs Anodized Black Factory style text Laser engraved for smooth surface Perfect for your resto project Great addition to our Resto Billet...
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