2h engine

  1. M

    For Sale 2h engine block

    i have a 2h engine out of a wreaked jdm 60 that i dismantled just for the ac parts. The engine itself is missing the injection pump, and the lines to the injectors have been cut with a sawsall. the odometer has about 300k kilometers on it when i pulled it, the story was it was stolen and rolled...
  2. Gus

    For Sale 2H

    *** SOLD *** I have a 2H I removed from a Canadian spec 87 HJ61, aprox 300KM, includes a rebuilt head and gasket kit. When I bought the rig, it had even compression on all cylinders except #3 which was traced to a valve issue, thus the included rebuilt head. It ran well, started easily when I...
  3. joekatana

    For Sale 2H engine

    Sold I have a 2H out of an HJ60 with about 130 K km or 80k miles on it.It was removed about 15 years ago after the 60 got wrecked and the po kept this is a spare for his HJ47.Nothing ever went wrong with the 2H in the 47 so after selling his 47 I bought this 2H from him. 1750$ Joe
  4. Paraglider

    air in fuel line problemI

    Some 40 series guys suggested I post this on this forum. I have an HJ47 late model 1982. A quick history if that helps understand what might have caused the problem now: The truck was sitting in Washington for 8 months, started a couple of times there but never really driven. I had it towed...
  5. Paraglider

    Could fuel feed pump cause air in fuel line?

    I've got an air in the fuel line problem and keep searching for explanations. I looked on the forum and got some good info. Here's what I've tried: (It's a 2h engine on a '82 HJ47) 1. inspecting fuel line to main tank (looks to be okay). 2. replaced fuel filter 3. replaced primer pump with a...
  6. toyotalandfj40

    2H Diesel into 1975 FJ40 (Build Thread)

    Greetings Everyone! This is my first time doing a build thread of any sort, so any pointers would be great. (I will also be happy to include additional details if I neglect any.) Anyways, we have had the intention of converting my 1975 Landcruiser from gasoline to diesel. We were waiting for a...
  7. Greystroke

    For Sale 2h engine for recon or parts - Sydney NSW

    Hey guys, 2h motor from a 1990 hj75rv for recon or parts, circa 290k km. Probably needs new piston rings if doing a rebuild as it were blowing a little smoke but otherwise mechanically sound. Most parts are there, missing fuel lines from lift pump and fuel filter. Includes flywheel, clutch and...
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