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    '91 FJ80 AC Recharge (R12)

    There are some bubbles in the window when running, doesn't look too bad. If the system wasn't operating at all, clearly had no refrigerant, or had visible or audible issues - I'd convert to R134. Planning on just recharging since it appears it's only low. Retrofitting to R134 would take...
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    '91 FJ80 AC Recharge (R12)

    I've searched and read every thread dealing with to convert (R134a) or not to convert. There's several folks in the area with R12 for sale on CL, figured it's easier to keep using that than it is to convert...for now. I'd guess that my 91's AC system is completely original, it still works OK...
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    97 LX gets a v8 and more!

    Can't wait to see the results. Currently looking for a donor truck or van with the LQ9 to swap into my '91 FJ80. Was just talking to a buddy that owns a mechanic shop in town, he's only replaced one LQ motor. Regularly services fleet vehicles and work trucks/vans with that motor, regularly sees...
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    fj80 rear heater necessity or does removing make big difference

    Leave it. I'm happy with it on low warming my Hydroflask coffee mug stuffed in between the seat and console, my daughter probably enjoys the extra heat as well. If I lived somewhere that didn't get really cold I'd ditch it.
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    What to look for when buying a 100?

    Gotta love Slee, thanks! Looks like we've got some reading to do.
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    What to look for when buying a 100?

    Currently have a fleet of Toyota SUVs in the Yendra fam. 2x '91 FJ80s '90 T4R '03 T4R My mom (almost retired) is tired of driving old "junk" in the winter on her 90mile round trip commute working nights at the hospital. My dad is tired of wrenching on said "junk" to keep everything running...
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    Tire Selection Anxiety Issues

    That's a good looking rig! Might be a bit biased…
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    Builds The Trail Snail - FZJ80 Expo Build

    Black. Too many body-colored add-ons look tacky.
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    Just got my FJ80!

    I'm running 255/85s on my 91 FJ80, speedo is dead on around 65-75 (which is really when you need it to be), although it's way off at lower speeds. I haven't done any speedo calibration and probably won't mess with it at this point. Mine still had the original 31" spare underneath. I absolutely...
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    Builds YendraBuilt's FJ80 Build

    Thanks, want one? Haven't built it yet, wanted to use the Cruiser for the summer, get some miles under it before I got carried away building stuff for it. I've decided to make a low basket in the rear, while keeping the crossbars even from fr-bk for carrying steel tubing, lumber, and paddle boards.
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    Stuck in Summit County, FJ80 won't start!

    Luckily, got it fixed up the same morning.
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    Stuck in Summit County, FJ80 won't start!

    Well, I guess I asked for it...
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    Stuck in Summit County, FJ80 won't start!

    The bloodies and breakfast stop on our bike ride to NAPA must've done the trick!
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    Stuck in Summit County, FJ80 won't start!

    $14 relay from NAPA and it's fixed! Barely even got my hands dirty. Thanks for all the help everyone! Time for a lot more of this…
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    Stuck in Summit County, FJ80 won't start!

    Starting fluid did nothing. Unplugged the EFI relay and 15amp fuse, plugged back in, started, but ran rough. It now runs fine. Any way to check the relay? Or should I swing back to NAPA and replace?
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