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    Nov 1-3 Turf-N-Surf Pismo Beach Oceano Dunes

    I saw you jump you Red truck!! 😱 That was rad!
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    Wanted Large Hard shell RTT (doesn't have to be pretty!) its in CA though.....:meh:
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    craigslist  Big Foot Hard Top RTT (Not Mine)
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    Wanted FZJ80: Man A Fre 2" drop down brackets

    I am also looking for some if you have another set....
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    craigslist  Nice 60 with a big price tag/ Not Mine
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    Land Cruiser 80 turbo diesel wont start after fitting new injector nozzles?

    Did you try disconnecting the batteries? resetting the electrical components might help especially if the engine was trying to compensate with bad injectors before hand?? its an easy try at least! :meh:
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    For Sale 95 FZJ80 front third member (Stock) Complete/ Central CA

    sorry for the late respone, i found home for it....
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    craigslist  Not mine: But i wish it was....
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    SOLD fzj80 power steering box (92335, so-cal)

    This is different than the PS pump right?
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    For Sale  95 FZJ80 front third member (Stock) Complete/ Central CA

    I have a Stock Front Third Member completed for sale out of a 95 80-series. Hi-pinion goodness in great shape ready to ship at purchasers expense. That being said all decent offers considered. Also looking for 1.25" wheel spacers, castor correction plates for 4" lift, Will send pics via phone...
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    Wanted  YUKON gears 4:88 for REAR third member on 80 series

    Moved to big boy tires and need to gear the rear. I have already purchased front locker with Yukon 4:88 and need a set for the rear.
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