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    Victory4x4 prototyping part 2

    Yes!!!! Cant wait to see this on a 10-13, checks all the boxes I am looking for for a bumper. Looks great!
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    GX460 Steering Wheel Removal

    When banging the steering wheel off the splines its good practice to thread the nut on a couple threads so when it does slide off the splines you dont potentially smack yourself with the steering wheel.
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    GX460 Roof Antenna Shark Fin Cover Delete

    Awesome to know it works, was looking to do the same.
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    Transfer case whine after Royal Purple Synchromax fluid replacement

    Redline MT-LV and Ravenol 75w MTF-3 are applicable to Toyota Transfer Gear Oil
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    DIY Coolant Valley Leak Repair

    Fantastic write up! Thanks for taking the time to do this as it will help many
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    Lug nuts for GX?

    I used the same, I found that the standard acorn lug nuts had very little thread engagement
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    Swing out spare tire carrier?

    Yeah, I want! I am in San Antonio and would be totally down to go up to DFW for one. Better yet I would for sure take a weld it together kit and could weld it up at my place.
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    Rugged Bound Supply Co. new vendor intro and.... group buy!

    Welcome! Time to check out all the products, looking forward to the gx460 gullwings!
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    Goose Gear Alternatives

    I did like others have and used birch plywood base and then finished to closely match the interior trim. Used 2x2 for the supports and 1x2 at the raised portion near the door. For mounting I used the stock 4 rear bolt holes with 65mm or 70mm length bolts and used spacers and bolts into nutserts...
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    ECU TUNING - GX470 GX460 etc Release

    Awesome sauce! Now I just need to find a tuner to tune the car. Does vf tuner have the ability to disable diagnostic codes? Ability for Speed Density tuning?
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    OVTune is working on the ability for us to tune!

    Looks like its released and ready for some beta testing! OV Tune Release 4.6L/4.7L
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