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    EMI Certifiction...???

    Yep, that’s exactly what I was able to find with some Google fu. But it was just to crazy to be true. Other history records indicated owner has issues with car shackling - tech found 4lo was engaged and on other occasion check engine light because of fuel cap. Sounds like been driven by...
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    EMI Certifiction...???

    Does anyone know what EMI certification in service history indicates? I found a car I am interested in and last two records indicate "Customer requested EMI certification". Both records 100 miles apart from each other. Looking at LX570
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    LX570 2008 with no history

    I found interesting deal online in VA, 2008 LX 570 with 50K on the clock. When I try pulling car history from lexus website it comes back with only two records, both at 10 miles. Pictures that posted on website show very clean car, but the fact that there is no history scares me. Here is VIN...
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    Price break for color?

    I can tell you that I’m on the market as well but would probably pass on this color unless its a significatly lower mileage with good history.
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