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    SOLD Austin, TX: 1HZ-T Diesel Powered 1987 FJ60 Land Cruiser

    Dave is the mad scientist who makes things work. I've driven this truck. Its scary fast, reminds me of one of my old Porsches. Seriously. I can't believe he's letting it go.
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    Builds My Hawaiian 1975 Fj40 Resto-resurrection

    Pleased to see you're still on the job. I was beginning to worry. There's nothing more noble than saving a rustbucket 40, so good on ya for keeping the faith. :clap::beer:
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    Anyone? - CLC Classifieds thread

    What Nolen said. Everything Gary builds is perfect, including and especially that 40. Price actually seems low compared to others I've seen on BAT.
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    Club T-Shirt Order Thread (Official) UPDATE!

    Large? Dave, someone has hacked into your MUD account. :rofl:
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    For Sale TX, Coming soon, Red FJ62 with H55 Conversion

    $69,950 with a military discount. 😉🍺 (I’ve seen this truck. Very nice specimen)
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    Calling Austin Cruisers - New FJ40 owner looking for help

    Yep, I've been running a DUI for at least 5 years. Never had a problem of any kind. $350 including wires is a super deal. I have this one, with the "live wires," which are required. Bought them from Cruiser Corps.
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    Cad Plating in Austin - Recommendations?

    Del's Plating Works in Houston Cadmium Plating - Cadmium Electroplating - QQ-P-416F | Del's Plating Works - Houston, TX
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    Senator John McCain has passed away

    Rest in Peace Captain. You were the real Maverick. I doubt we'll see the likes of you again. :beer: From an old Rolling Stone article: "You probably already know what happened. In October of 67 McCain was flying his 23rd Vietnam combat mission and his A-4 Skyhawk plane got shot down over...
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    For Sale, Trade, or Free!

    Yeah, that guy can’t be trusted around real beer. But I hear he always leaves your Lone Star and Bud Lite.
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    For Sale, Trade, or Free!

    Sorry Dave. You snooze, you lose. ;):rimshot:
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    40 series general tech and classifieds

    Being reassembled as we speak.
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    40 series general tech and classifieds

    SHUSH’s old truck, now living in Wyoming, before and after. All new sheet metal. Only body panels that weren’t fubar’d were the hood and firewall.
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    Beer Thread

    Somewhere in Wyoming...
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    For Sale 75 Body+ misc. Parts FJ40 tub and 2f Drivetrain

    First dibs on the windshield frame, motor and cover. PM sent.
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    Roundup shot from above

    Cool shot Carson. Thanks for posting. You're welcome in our rag-tag camp any time.:cheers:
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