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    Wind on Wando and Ravenel Bridges

    I have some self-diagnosed PTSD after rolling my 4Runner at highway speeds in Colorado this summer. Long story short after 3 days of driving the bolt holding the driver’s side rear lower link worked its way out just north of Durango. The truck started swaying and struggling to stay in the...
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    SPC Rear Lower Control Arms?

    Aren’t aftermarket lower links typically offset to provide additional down travel? It’s not much more than an inch or two.
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    SPC Rear Lower Control Arms?

    I’ve never heard these referee to as “RLCA” I think they are normally called “lower links”. You can also replace the upper links and panhard bar. I’ve replaced them on my 4Runner after turning mine into boomerangs after a nasty line at Uwharrie. They tend to push the rear axle into a more...
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    285/70r17 KO2 C... but S or Q?

    So after a recent bit of research I have decided to run BFG KO2s in a C load range on my stock (for now) 200 series. These are going on some fresh Rock Warriors so I am excited. Anyway I was about to pull the trigger and I see that the Cs are offered in two speed ratings, Q and S. per BFG Q...
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    It’s official

    After wrecking my 4Runner outside of Ouray in August, I finally got the replacement. Damn this thing is nice. Looking for a couple of extra (sets of) hands to help install an OME suspension and some UCAs in the next month or so.
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    Rear shock guards/skids/protectors

    I ran these for 2-3 years on my 4Runner and they are awesome. Taking them off yesterday they only thing that I didn't like is the soft collar which protects the bolt needed to be dremeled to free the bolt. I also lost a rear shock bolt after a hard weekend wheeling and this skid was strong...
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    ARB vs TJM bumper on a 200

    One thing not mentioned, but is a nice feature on the ARB are the Hi-lift slots. I don't know much about TJM and I can see something going on in the photos, so perhaps they have a similar feature. Very handy in my opinion. I always prefer to lift my trucks from the front for tire changes...
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    Auxiliary fuel tank, on used LC 200?

    Ah gotcha. I live in South Carolina. I go to the metric system when thinking about jerry can and aux tanks. Old habits die hard! I looked up the vin and doesn’t seem international. Do you know if Toyota did a factory six tank for non-us vehicles? It’s possible the truck is beat to s***...
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    Auxiliary fuel tank, on used LC 200?

    Thanks for the reply! I am going to see the truck Saturday, I purposely didn’t post the location. Lame, I know, but can you blame me? Ha! There is no swing out, so either the spare is missing or it’s a small auxiliary tank. I’ll google the LRA.
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    Auxiliary fuel tank, on used LC 200?

    I’m shopping for a 200 series and found a very nice one but noticed in the photos what appeared to be a gauge for an auxiliary fuel tank. At first I assumed it was a factory option because the vehicle has no other aftermarket parts. I did some light research and it doesn’t appear the 200 comes...
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    Thoughts on locking lugs

    Are folks running locking lug nuts? Went to rotate tires this weekend only to find my lug but key was missing. I got everything sorted out, but would have been SOL on the trail. I only park in my driveway and at my office. Am I being naive? I’m either going to order two more as backups or...
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    Febuary Monthly meeting

    I will try my hardest to make it. 6pm is a little early for me. How long will y'all stay?
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    2018 Appalachian Rendezvous

    This has got to be one of the best events of the year. in 2017 there were two days of trail riding at Big Creek. I was told in 2016 Friday was at the Grand Overland District (I didn't make it until Friday night). Izzy, any idea if they are going to back to Grand Overland?
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    Introduce Yourself

    Did we every finalize dues for 2018? I want to make sure I am current. Sorry I missed the Christmas party! I'll be up for the next event.
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    Introduce Yourself

    Richard here. New to ih8mud, but it was recommended by my friend Izzy Sanchez. Not much lurking considering my original registration date, got distracted by other groups. I live in West Ashley and work on Daniel Island. I drive a 2015 4Runner and it’s fair to say I am one of the new breed...
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