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    ||| Official YT For Sale/Trade/Wanted Thread |||

    I have the four metal rollers, but not the fairlead. Your welcome to the four metal rollers if you want them. They are located in Chelmsford, MA. Mike
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    Field and Forest wheeling in New Hampshire

    It was a good trip Fishing!! Gave me an excuse to skip work for a day!! The fall gathering has trails off property that any rig can do from mild to full blown buggy! Most of the Field and Forest trails are pretty extreme. I run my 80 on 36's with lockers and an internal cage and can do...
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    FG projects/wrenching ‘19

    Hate to point this out but we are all getting older everyday. I am working on the 80 getting it ready, Sorting out the emergency brake on the drivers side right now. Just completed exhaust repair.
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    Moving to NH

    Welcome to NH. I am in MA but I do know they are tough on Ebrake, it has to hold the truck. Also they are getting very tough on rust. I am sure others will chime in.
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    ||| Official YT For Sale/Trade/Wanted Thread |||

    Dirtfriendly, I sent you a message I have two sets, I wam willing to part with one. Let me know
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    ||| Official YT For Sale/Trade/Wanted Thread |||

    Does anyone want a front passenger side fender flare for a 93 to 97, 80. It is red in color and in decent shape. Pickup would be in Chelmsford, MA or Dunstable, MA. Free or a 6 pack of a decent IPA. your choice. PM me if you are interested, no interest by next Friday, December 8, its going...
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    fj40 exhaust and muffler

    R&D Exhuast in Billerica is a great shop for both mechanical work and exhuast 978-670-5222
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    4/21/18 Brook Ridge Club Run

    Great Run. Thank you for putting it together. Sorry I had to head out early!! Found my fluid leak turned out to be power steering fluid. Going to put a new cooler in this week and replumb.
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    Well respected/Cruiser shop in VA?

    I would give them a call. Lance maybe in the area and might pick it up for a fee. As long as its not your DD you would be okay.
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    Well respected/Cruiser shop in VA?

    If your willing to travel to Fredericksburg. Iron Pig Off Road is great.
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    Windshield Glass replacement

    I had Westford Glass do my 80. He does all of my work vehicles and does a great job. He is just no local to you.
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    Shop Needed in Richmond VA Area

    I would use Lance at Iron Pig, they are in Fredericksburg, greta guys to deal with and very good shop.. Iron Pig Off Road
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    The Daily Chat Thread

    I thought it was a quart per obstacle...
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    OEM E-Lockers vs. Harrop

    I have the Harrops in my 80 for two years now. They rock! on and off with a flip of the switch. I would add them again in a heartbeat. They only thing I wish I did when I had them installed was re-gear. I want bigger tires!!
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    LTB 80 front control arms

    If you want a set closer to you call Iron Pig Off Road in Fredericksburg. Im sure they have a used set laying around the shop.
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