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    ||| Official YT For Sale/Trade/Wanted Thread |||

    I have 6 36 X 13 X16 LT Superswampers and 5 toyota aluminum rims that I want to get rid of. This tire will fully tuck on a 80 without cutting. These are trail tires only. 4 are mounted on the rims. One has two patches in the sidewall that hold air. The others leak a little air on the bead...
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    Anyone Need Anything From Iron Pig

    I am heading to VA next week for about 10 days. I will be at Iron Pig for the majority of the time. If anyone needs anything from Iron Pig, I will be coming home with an empty pickup bed and will haul for you. Pick up would need to be in Chelmsford, MA. Call Lance and order. Just tell him...
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    Todays wrenching

    Those look great!! What diameter rims?
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    ||| Official YT For Sale/Trade/Wanted Thread |||

    Selling a set of Nitto Trail Grapplers 285/75/16 Mounted on Black Aluminum Rims. 16X8.5 -6MTB LEV Tracker. I purchased them new in June of 2014. Tires have less then 7,500 miles on them. All of the tires are in great shape. Some of the Rims have a little rock rash, nothing major just paint...
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    New member here (Lowell Area) need a stock exhaust (Lexus LX470).

    If you don't want to do it yourself. Take it to R&D Custom Exhaust in Billerica. They will fix it right up for you.
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    Wanted 2nd Row seats 80 series

    I have a set that I just removed from my 93. They are grey, will include seatbelts. Located in Chelmsford, MA. Shoot me a PM.
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    ||| Official YT For Sale/Trade/Wanted Thread |||

    Just putting it back out there. I am parting out the body on my 93 80. if you need any parts let me know. Rear hatch is in good shape. Sun roof works, roof rack, etc... No mechanical or suspension parts yet, maybe later. I do have an AC compressor off of a 97 if anyone needs that. Parts...
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    Exhaust shop

    If you are willing to travel. R&D Custom Exhaust in Billerica MA is great they can and will do anything you want. Its a little far for you, but worth the drive.
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    ||| Official YT For Sale/Trade/Wanted Thread |||

    Sold Cage, Sliders and Rear Bumper. If anyone needs glass, interior parts, rear tail lights, gas tank, etc.. let me know.Everything from the A Pillar back is being removed.
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    ||| Official YT For Sale/Trade/Wanted Thread |||

    Truck is in Chelmsford, MA. I am heading to Laconia on Friday if you live up that way. I can pull them and toss them in the truck. They have been used..but not abused. I can send you pics if you want. 603-521-0251
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    ||| Official YT For Sale/Trade/Wanted Thread |||

    I am selling my Iron Pig Rear Bumper on my 80, has a tire swing out. Also selling my Metal Tech bolt on sliders with Cat protection. Both are painted black. If anyone needs glass, doors, interior rear seats let me know. I also have a interior cage custom built by Iron Pig, cage bolts in...
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    FG 2019 Video

    Great Video!! Thanks!!
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    Seat Swap ?!?!

    Call Ironpig in Fredericksburg, Lance set me up with Procar Scat seat for my 80, they came with mounting brackets. The downside is they are manual. Very comfortable and I think they were reasonable.
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    Clubs in Maryland/Delaware

    Check with Lance at Iron Pig in Fredericksburg VA. 540) 361-7400. He should be able to guide you in the right direction.
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    Events/Trails Gremlins Graveyard

    I am out, transfer case is getting a gear swap. Work has gotten in the way of getting this done. It was my winter project....
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