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    Fire Extinguisher Mount For 100's

    To be completely honest, not very well. I have allot of projects to finish (non-cruiser-related) and a family member on borrowed time. I think about the mount every day, I just have allot of other things to think about as well. Every detail of the product has been finished except for the actual...
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    Fire Extinguisher Mount For 100's

    Not really on design. I had one made from aluminum but I think steel is still the way to go. I will make this happen, trying my hardest to do it in a timely manner. I will enlist a fellow cruiser member in town to hopefully speed things up.
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    Fire Extinguisher Mount For 100's

    Its a Proclip mount this will help: How you guys mounting your iPhone pluses?
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    Fire Extinguisher Mount For 100's

    @vman07 Not the final product but it gives an idea of the mounting surface
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    Fire Extinguisher Mount For 100's

    @bgolf247 I'm sorry, not yet. I would like to keep costs as minimal as possible and also include shipping. With a bit more effort I could produce these in-house, or outsource all or some to speed things up. Just not sure how to tackle it yet. @MTKID Another 3/4"- 1" may work. With a bit of...
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    Fire Extinguisher Mount For 100's

    After many requests from local 100 owners, I would like to share my creation to see what everyone thinks. A fire extinguisher mount for both driver and passenger seats. It can accommodate all 2.5 lbs and smaller tanks, as well as most brackets (holders). The mount and extinguisher move with the...
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    Help Installing rear emblems and lettering

    3 minute job, no need for a body shop. The "sombrero" emblem in the center should have 2 guide pins.
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    The MUD 100 series Videos thread

    Not sure if this has been posted, but scroll to 6:57.
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    Replacement speakers

    Those people obviously don't know what a Land Cruiser is! Comparing it to a Tahoe, blasphemy!
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    Replacement speakers

    Sometimes I forget how good of a relationship I have with my local stereo shop. Ebay and Amazon are just as expensive and I wouldn't buy from them either. I picked up an Alpine ILX-207 for $550 when Crutchfield sells it for $700, so i'm not just saving a couple of bucks here. On top of that they...
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    Line X

    x2, Its like wrapping your car with sandpaper, I only see negatives with doing this.
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    Replacement speakers

    I don't understand why Crutchfield is getting praise here. They are a great reference tool buts that's it. Their prices are ridiculous!
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    Slee skid plates

    Toyota LandCruiser 100 Series IFS 2 piece bash plate set
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    How you guys mounting your iPhone pluses?

    Thank you! It's two parts: The phone holder, and bracket (base mount). I bought the phone holder from ProClip and I created the bracket myself. Unfortunately, the 07's have a different dash than 98-02's so I wouldn't be able to fab one that will work for you. ProClip already makes something...
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    Icons 2.5 to replace OME Lift?

    Keep my Stage 3's 3 clicks from the softest setting, love it at 85. Feels like a trophy truck.
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