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    For Sale 1970 FJ55 SoCal

    If I remember right, I bought my windshield off you a couple years back!
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    For Sale 1970 FJ55 SoCal

    I appreciate that, thank you!
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    For Sale  1970 FJ55 SoCal

    Hey guys, the time has come to sell my pig. Priced it at 16k because craigslist... I’d love it to go to someone on here if possible so don’t be afraid to offer. It’s not a show truck or restored by any means, but it is a good functioning driver headed in the right direction! Might trade for the...
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    For Sale Free. Now gone

    Yes if still available!
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    SOLD 1987 Fj 60,5spd-no rust -SOLD, Sold, SOLD!

    Sorry about that, didn’t mean to hi jack the post, I just didn’t know how to send pics over PM.
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    SOLD 1987 Fj 60,5spd-no rust -SOLD, Sold, SOLD!

    PM sent
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    SOLD 1987 Fj 60,5spd-no rust -SOLD, Sold, SOLD!

    Trade for an fj55?🤔
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    I’m looking for the speedometer drive housing if it’s still available!
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    Wanted  Fj60 T-case Shifter Linkage

    Hey guys I bought and installed a 4spd and split case in my fj55 but it did not come with any of the linkage for the t-case other than the shifter itself. I’m located in SoCal but don’t mind paying for shipping either. I’m also looking for a speedo cable receiver(?) not sure what the correct...
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    For Sale Fresno- 1973 fj55 truck

    PM sent
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    For Sale Fresno- 1973 fj55 truck

    I really want to make an offer on this...
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    Wanted Pig wanted - Located in FL

    Is this the pig with the black front end? I think I’ve left notes to buy it and maybe even talked to you in person before. Ended up finding a local ‘70 myself that I bought a couple years back and have been nursing back to life!
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    FJ55 Fender patch panels

    Looks to me like he went through the trouble of updating it a year after the original post, you never know, bud.
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    For Sale Free body parts

    Please count me in for the floor piece if you end up not needing it. If you decide against it, please PM me
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