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    What are you guys doing for insurance – do any of you have an agreed-upon value for your rig?

    I had hagerty and just switched to safeco, upped my declared value and still saved 50%.
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    Dove hunting

    Dove hunting in DFW is awful on public land. Way too many people on small plots of land.
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    SOLD  TX 96 rear flares and mud flaps

    Looking to sell set of rear flares off my 1996 FZJ80. They are white, decent condition some scuffs and road grime. Tab for driver side fender is cracked but could probably be glued or epoxied back on. Paint is so so due to po getting a cheapo paint job. Have various hardware. Will need new...
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    Wanted 91-92 battery box
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    Replacement seatbelts

    I just sent four seat belts in to safety restore and did oem match. I have oak interior and they are slightly lighter than oem but no biggie. It is $75 per seat belt and turn around was 6 days total. They have excellent communication. I signed up for their newsletter before I ordered and saved...
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    Is anyone still making tailgate storage lids?

    I have no first hand experience but saw these recently Land Cruiser Storage – BAERTRAX
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    Best way to fill holes from former fender flares?

    I used foil tape as the backer and Quick steel for the epoxy Worked well, had to get real flexible for a few of the holes but has been holding up just fine.
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    Best way to fill holes from former fender flares?

    I recently did this and used a steel epoxy.
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    Parting Out 97 land cruiser red. Asheville NC

    Are the headlights available?
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